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Who’s Worse? Nickelback vs NICKELBACK

Date September 3, 2009

I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that this is my most requested post ever. Ever since I started these silly little contests pitting two bad bands against each other it’s been requested, nay begged, that the wretchedly horrible nu-metal rockers Nickelback get their due.

The only problem I could see is that there is literally no other band that are as bad as Nickelback. It’s a simple fact. They even make Creed and Hinder look good in comparison. Additionally, since Nickelback have actually ripped off their own songs (as the mash-up below proves), it only makes sense that they are pitted against themselves in this contest.

MP3 Nickelback – How You Remind Me of Someday (Mash-up)

So you know the drill from here. Put your vote for whose worse in the comments (should be an easy decision) and make sure you add some explanation of why you think they are the worst. Don’t hold back in your criticism, because Lord knows, Nickelback haven’t held back in creating the most repulsive, god-awful music known to man.

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25 Responses to “Who’s Worse? Nickelback vs NICKELBACK”

  1. Wicked Celtics said:

    I think the word is PRICELESS. They’re so good they don’t even have to write any new songs. That’s when you know you’ve arrived.

  2. nathan said:

    this is the funniest and also truest thing I’ve read in a long while. Utter hilarity!

  3. Taylor said:

    appreciate the kind words and um, sarcasm, I guess, but let’s see some serious Nickelback bashing here.

    Here’s some sources of inspiration if you need it:
    Why Nickelback Sucks
    Urban Dictionary: nickelback

  4. Matt Lech said:

    To be honest I think Theory of a Deadman is worse (not that I’ve listened extensively to either of them). Nickleback’s shittiness is undisputed, they are aural H1N1. But I would prefer to read about artistic bands on this blog; bashing Nickleback is something you do with people you just met that seem to have decent taste. Still, I guess you have to give the people what they want. I did like when they got hit with rocks though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQzhOyHTarU&feature=related

  5. Zach said:

    The only thing worse than Nickelback song is a mashup of Nickelback songs…They are the Applebee’s of the music world

  6. Sugar said:

    Nickleback may be terrible, but you clearly have not been subjected to the scourge of the earth that is crunkcore. If you really want to hate your ears, just take a glance at the lineup of the last Warped Tour.

  7. Jheri said:

    Haha, this is too funny. My friends and I actually call all the nickelback esque bands Schnickelback. Shit’s way awful. And I think they all drew their shit names from the same hat.

  8. Caserad said:

    As a friend of mine once said, “Nickleback – are they metal? Are they country? Or pop? Who knows? Who cares?!” It’s like that. You can’t tell what they’re doing, but you don’t want to. Lord knows you just want the ear rape to stop. It’s already been addressed that they’re awful and talentless hacks, but I’d like to know why. Sure, there are bad bands out there but…what did we do?

  9. Dalmet said:

    This is old. I have a copy of this mashup lying around on my harddrive since early 2005.

  10. A said:

    Just wait another five years and you’ll start to hear how the kiddies think Nickelback was the best band of the 00’s…. like how we all found out third eye blind was the “best band of the 90s” recently.

  11. Mark said:

    This feels a little too much like elementary school. Mocking someone else so I can feel like I’m cool. Of course ppl that love indie music and the blog aren’t going to be into this mainstream faux-rock. I’m a big fan of the blog but I don’t get the point of this post.

  12. Brennan said:

    What’s up with the negativity in the comments? I was hoping to read some better ones. These posts have been going on for like three years and appeal to a variety of people. Keep the Who’s Worst contests coming.

  13. Brushwood said:

    Write a crabby blog post, get crabby blog comments. I’m not complaining – I enjoy them both. HOW DARE I???

  14. snmt said:

    there was a link floating around forever ago that allowed you to pan between the left/right stereo outputs. you were essentially the mashup dj.
    this is worse, since i have no control.
    i think i hate “someday” more.

  15. Jambo said:

    Haha, funny, good stuff! Here is another blog that has some funny stuff to say on Nippleback:

  16. Irvine said:

    Went to the Nickleback concert at the Verizon in Irvine on 9/3/9. ..most was just trashy sex talk. The first two back-up bands..Saving Able and papa roach – garbage..just awful. No talent, no music and truly a bunch of idiots who had nothing more to say than f… everything. Boring. After surviving 3 hours of horror, we [and much of the audiance around us] were excited to finally have some music..not what we expected….in between several good songs and a few average ones it was total sex talk .. and f..this and that was nothing to the suck you c.. and c.. face and on and on. We left – as did thousands of others with 4 songs to go. What a disappointment and we all agreed to spread the word to stay away from Nickleback.. maybe they were on drugs – a pathetic group

  17. Kaitlyn said:

    Man fuck u if your saying Nickelback sucks theres a lot of people who like them like me I love them their auwsome their songs ROCK.

  18. Alex said:

    Kaitlyn, this is an opinion piece, so essentially what you are saying is: YOUR OPINION IS WRONG!!!11!
    While I am not upset to hear you enjoy Mr Kroeger and friends (your taste, your business), posting your views on a site specifically opposing that notion is not only a waste of time (because you’re not going to change anyone’s mind, especially without a convincing argument (better spelling and grammar would also help)), but a great way to start an argument on the internet. And if there’s anything more retarded than Nickelback playing at a metal festival, it’s arguments on the internet.

    A lot of people DO like nickelback, a lot of people also like Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey. Doesn’t make it good, doesn’t mean everyone has to like it. If everyone DID have to like certain set views, then we’d have a thought police type of situation, and general mindlessness, no scientific advancement, etc etc.

    Anyway, while I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are the worst band in the entire world (close, maybe, but definitely not number one), they are quite probably the most overrated band in the world ever.

    Bashing-wise: I and my father refer to nickelback as “knucklehead” and have coined the term “chadding” or “chadding it” – 1. To ruinate a song through abysmal vocals. 2. Semi-growling vocals in a lame attempt to sound hardcore, in the style of Chad Kroeger.

  19. Sarah said:

    hahaha, nickelback is terrible, the people who read this and don’t understand the post or don’t understand why anyone would say bad things about nickelback…let me spell this out for you so you can understand what’s going over your head.
    the mash up is to show people that their songs are basically the same thing over and over. you probably think, “oh, what’s the big deal? they put two songs on at the same time and it sounds fine, i dont get it”…that’s the point, the 2 songs are so similar that it’s ridiculous. Nickelback does this on purpose…making essentially the same songs over and over just to take your money because you don’t know much about what makes quality music.
    if you read all of this and still don’t ‘get it’ and are feeling like going to a nickelback concert more than ever, you are missing the point completely.

  20. whatispunk said:

    So many of these bands sound the same. I can never distinguish one from the other. That’s why I call them “Theory of a NickelCreed”,

  21. Virgil said:

    from Sarah: “the 2 songs are so similar that it’s ridiculous.”
    from whatispunk: “So many of these bands sound the same. I can never distinguish one from the other.”

    You’re blaming this on the band(s)?

    This is a form of amusia (look it up).

  22. whatispunk said:

    @Virgil – No I’m sorry I do not suffer from amusia. In fact I have a perfect ear. These bands just suck. And the fact that you’re sticking up for them is a form of Douchebaggery (look it up).

  23. Tanner said:

    I fucking hate Nickleback. By far the worst band ever made. Every song sounds the same they are a terrible excuse for performers. Chad Kruger is one of the ugliest motherfuckers I have ever seen. I’ve gone to parties before where they are blasting Nickleback songs and the fuckers know every word and it makes me sick. I would rather pour boiling water into my ear than listen to that shit. I wake up every morning pissed that they are still making music.

  24. Awesome Possum said:

    Nickelback and Hinder suck so many donkey balls, and one of my friends is in love with BOTH OF THEM! ZOMG!1!!!!1111! Okay, now that i’ve blown a vein in my neck, I got a question. Why Creed? It’s not like their songs sound simular, and on their albums the songs don’t constantly change like Pickelback and Binder, from sex & drugs to kisses and hugs and sugar-blossoms. Creed makes insperational music, ya know, the Christian stuff, and the guitarist is killer. Is it because of Scott’s voice? IDK, but whatever anyone says, it’s not gonna change my views on them. P.S. When will Justin Beaver go back to Hindergarden? Stupid little 5 year old boy, your not old enough to understand what music is yet, GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND EAT GLUE!

  25. Brent said:

    Peter pan peanut butter alert! ;D