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The Deadly Syndrome

Date September 25, 2006

The Deadly Syndrome are a very new band (they just started playing shows last month) from the L.A. music scene. Somehow they must have gotten my address because they sent me their demo last week, and it’s really good. Lots of different styles are represented between the four songs, “The ship that shot itself” is an acoustic folk song with a nice little melody progression. “I hope I become a ghost” is a jazzy Spoon-like piano rock song with a really interesting tempo change in the middle of the song. “Emily Paints” is a dance electronica song that shares some characteristics with New York scene bands like Clap your Hands Say Yeah. “Eucalyptus” is also a bit dancey, but I’d compare it more to Seattle bands like Wolf Parade.

The band covers a lot of genres/music scenes in one short demo (as the cliche goes “there’s something for everyone”), it’ll be interesting to see where the band goes from here, as it seems like they have a lot of options for which direction they want to take their music. Here’s all four tracks (as provided by the band):

MP3 the ship that shot itself
MP3 i hope i become a ghost
MP3 emily paints
MP3 eucalyptus



4 Responses to “The Deadly Syndrome”

  1. mae said:

    I really appreciate their songs.

  2. Spyder said:

    Thanks for posting the Deadly Syndrome. We… I mean they… are cheerful… I think, I’m not one of them. If I was I’d play guitar. Oh gosh.

  3. cobra said:

    caught their Viper Room Show; they blew the roof off. These guys play music like the Lakers play b-ball. I have seen rock and roll’s future, and it is The Deadly Syndrome.

  4. Michael said:

    Good band, rich influences, witty lyrics – thanks for posting!