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Video: Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

Date April 19, 2011

DANIELS are the groundbreaking music video directing team behind last year’s videos for FM Belfast and Hundred In the Hands (both of which made my top videos of 2010 list). With the video for Manchester Orchestra‘s new single “Simple Math”, they have created their best work yet, and easily the best music video I’ve seen thus far in 2011. This video has already garnered heaps of praise as well as comparisons to works of Michel Gondry and Christopher Nolan for it’s technically incredible, emotionally powerful storytelling.

The video revolves around a excruciating car accident and the “life flashing before your eyes” moments that the driver experiences while suspended in mid-crash. The storylines are brilliantly intertwined with the characters in his flashbacks experiencing the crash (using some very Inception-like gravity shift effects) at the same time he does, creating a spectacular dream-like experience. Manchester Orchestra’s muscular post-emo indie rock provides just the right amount of emotional punch to accompany the stunning imagery. This is one you’ll want to watch again and again. Watch above, listen below.

Pre-order Manchester Orchestra‘s third album, Simple Math at their website.

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3 Responses to “Video: Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math”

  1. Dave said:

    Mind. Blown. Great song & video.

    (via twitter)

  2. bmocon13 said:


    Here’s a really good interview Andy Hull with Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra that provides some cool insights on the upcoming record and the video for Simple Math.

  3. Layton Johnston said:

    ^ Andy Hull interview is really good! I actually just read another great Q&A with Jonathan Corley that y’all might enjoy…


    Can’t wait for the upcoming album!