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Two Door Cinema Club @ Bonnaroo (6/8)

Date June 14, 2012

Although it’s been over two years since I first heard and was instantly hooked by Two Door Cinema Club, I’d never gotten the chance to see them live until Friday afternoon at Bonnaroo. The Northern Ireland band has been shot into indie stardom recently, due in part to the viral spread of the “What You Know” video, and a massive crowd gathered to see the band play their enthralling and addictively catchy electro-rock.

The band burned through their debut album Tourist History, the highlight being exuberant summer-anthem “Something Good Can Work”. For a band who famously did not have a drummer when they began (relying soley on drum machines), it was fantastic to see such a kinetic force behind the drum set. They also previewed a number of songs from their imminent new album, which sounds like it should be another exhilarating release from the Irish lads.

MP3 Something Good Can Work

Follow the jump for more Two Door Cinema Club pictures. Click here to see the full set.

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One Response to “Two Door Cinema Club @ Bonnaroo (6/8)”

  1. Edmundo said:

    Great pics Taylor. This was one of my favorite acts over the weekend.