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The Race

Date May 25, 2007

I’ve finally gotten the chance to listen to some of the promo CD’s laying around my room in the last few days, and one of the real gems I’ve found is the album Ice Station from Chicago-bred band, The Race. The CD is full of dazzling post-punk soundscapes and drowning, breathy vocals (much like Snowden’s album from last year). The guitar work is fantastic whether exploring a dreamy feel or interjecting drones and buzzes during a drum machine freakout.

“Feather” is the first track on the record and sets the stage for the atmosphere of the rest of the album. The tradeoff between the far-off distorted sounding vocals of the verses and the smooth, dreamlike vocals of the chorus give the song an interesting dynamic. Another track I’d suggest is the warm ballad, “Walls”. The opening build of the song is improved dramatically a electric guitar which at first, sounds very much like a fiddle, giving the track a Celtic sound.  As it progresses the sound becomes much more distorted and ringing, making for a big washed-out ending. Buy the album from Flameshovel Records.

MP3 Feathers
MP3 Walls

If you enjoy these two tracks you’ll probably like their earlier album, If You Can. Here’s a sample:

MP3 Sinking Feeling

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