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The Morning Benders @ Coachella (4/15)

Date April 19, 2011

(Photo credit: Morgan Miller / Eric Snyder)

After being unable to go to Coachella in both 2008 and 2009, I finally found myself at the Empire Polo Field for the first time last year. It was undoubtedly the best weekend of my life, and I was determined to go this year, even if it meant flying out to California from Boston for just four days. The plane rides, the layovers, and all the rushing was more than worth it when I got to spend the past three days living in the real-life wonderland that is Coachella. The lines were shorter, the tents were bigger and the music was phenomenal, though just like the year before, it was impossible to see everyone. As expected, some bands were okay, some pretty good, and others completely blew me away.

I hadn’t planned on seeing The Morning Benders, simply due to not having enough hours in the day to see everyone. But as I walked by the Gobi tent and overheard the bands spectacular sound, I had to stop and listen. Despite being in Gobi, which is notorious for being the tent with the worst sound quality, The Morning Benders were like a breath of fresh air with their catchy tunes, organic vocals, and rhythmic melodies. The highlight of the performance came when the Northern California band closed with “Excuses, which lead singer Christopher Chu began by telling the audience to, “Shake or clap your hands, do something.” The dreamy instrumentals didn’t overpower Harmon’s voice, who had the audience singing along throughout the chorus and harmonizing all the way until the end.

MP3 Excuses

(Photo credit: Morgan Miller / Eric Snyder)

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2 Responses to “The Morning Benders @ Coachella (4/15)”

  1. riz said:

    I’m quite sure the Julian Harmon is not the lead singer. I believe you are referring to Christopher Chu…?

  2. mat said:

    she was refering to how julian kept the audience engaged in sing the melody while chris was singing the lyrics. *btw, that was an amazing performance.