Who’s Worse of ’11 – Kreayshawn vs. Loutallica

Date December 5, 2011

As you know, the vast majority of time at musicforants.com is focused on supporting good music, but we also acknowledge there’s some pretty abysmal artists out there sucking up the airwaves. The last couple years we’ve pitted what we consider to be the two of the most disgustingly bad artists against each other to decide once and […]

Who’s Worse of ’10 – Ke$ha vs. 3OH!3

Date December 6, 2010

2010 has been a spectacular year for music, in this blogger’s opinion. Even with all the great music that’s been released though, there’s also awful artists like Ke$ha and 3OH!3 sucking up the airwaves. For this year’s version of Who’s Worse, I’m pitting these artists, which I consider to be the two worst of the […]

Who’s Worse of ’09: Asher Roth vs. Owl City

Date December 9, 2009

There’s been no shortage of great new artists in 2009. Unfortunately though, you also have craptacular artists like Owl City and Asher Roth sucking up the airwaves with their disgustingly awful “music”. For this special 2009 version of Who’s Worse, I’m pitting these artists, which I consider to be the two worst newish artists of […]

Who’s Worse? Nickelback vs NICKELBACK

Date September 3, 2009

I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that this is my most requested post ever. Ever since I started these silly little contests pitting two bad bands against each other it’s been requested, nay begged, that the wretchedly horrible nu-metal rockers Nickelback get their due. The only problem I could see is that there is literally […]

Who’s Worse? Matchbox 20 vs. 3 Doors Down

Date May 6, 2009

I brought back Who’s Worse? contests earlier this year (where the worst bands are pitted against each other to find out who’s the most awful) and with a little help from the twitterverse (thanks guys!) we have a new match-up today. This edition features two of the worst bands of the early 00’s, both of […]

Good Charlotte is the worst

Date March 15, 2009

This was the closest Who’s Worse? contest yet but in the end Good Charlotte won worst of the hot topic, faux-punk crowd, beating Simple Plan by a single vote.  Congrats douchebags! Your legacy of repulsive mainstream punk, pathetic lyrics, and absurd hairstyles is intact. Here’s picture of them celebrating with Randy Jackson at the Kids Choice […]