Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang! (The James Bond Mix)

Date November 9, 2012

James Bond has long been one of my favorite film heroes. Growing up I would watch and rewatch my favorite Bond films (mostly taped on VHS from TBS “15 Days of 007” marathons) and although the franchise’s quality is pretty hit-or-miss, I’ll always have a particular fondness for the suave secret agent. The latest Bond […]

Album Art Lover: Blurry

Date August 15, 2012

For this edition of my ongoing album art lover series (where I discuss album art trends and stuff), I’m focusing on the album covers using blur, an effect I’ve seen pop up more and more this year, from Cloud Nothings to The Antlers to Chromatics. Probably the most iconic blurry album photo is Bob Dylan’s […]

MP3: The Raveonettes – Into The Night

Date April 6, 2012

Danish indie-pop duo The Raveonettes tend to release a new album/EP every year or two so it’s easy to take them for granted, but don’t sleep on “Into The Night”, the title track to their upcoming EP. The track doesn’t stray from the band’s tried-and-true noise pop sound, huge, fuzzed-out guitar riffs and Sune Rose […]

Leap Day Mix (Real life is for March!)

Date February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day, everyone! As you all know, leap day is the extra special bonus day we get every four years at the end of February, and where (as 30 Rock shows us) the gilled & mustachioed Leap Day William emerges from his home at the bottom of the Mariana Trench to trade children’s tears […]

Boom! Boom boom, cha! (v3.0)

Date October 21, 2010

The Phil Spector-penned / Ronettes-performed “Be My Baby” intro is probably the most iconic drum beat in pop music history and we here at Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good can’t get enough of that classic “Boom! Boom boom, cha!”. This spring I posted two mixes with about 40 songs worth of “Be My Baby” […]

Track Reviews: Headlights, Kings of Convenience, Raveonettes

Date August 19, 2009

MP3 Headlights – Get Going Headlights continue to mix dream pop with summery folk with their leadoff single for their third LP, Wildlife. The band achieve a very light, organic sound on “Get Going”, building the track over a blanket of acoustic guitars and wistful humming. Tristan sings lead on this track and continues to […]