The Morning Benders @ Coachella (4/15)

Date April 19, 2011

(Photo credit: Morgan Miller / Eric Snyder) After being unable to go to Coachella in both 2008 and 2009, I finally found myself at the Empire Polo Field for the first time last year. It was undoubtedly the best weekend of my life, and I was determined to go this year, even if it meant […]’s Best Songs of 2010

Date December 16, 2010

(photo by cubagallery) Best songs of the year is typically the most difficult list to make but also the most rewarding. There’s nothing more indicative of a year in music then it’s greatest songs, and evident from the tracks listed below, I’d venture to say 2010 was a pretty great year. To add some perspective […]

Commercial Watch: Joanna Newsom, Morning Benders, Los Campesinos! + more

Date November 17, 2010

It’s time once again to highlight some of the hippest, indiest songs that are out there soundtracking commercials for cars, beers, clothing collections and chocolate-covered peanut butter confections. So for all the Hulu / DVR / next-day-on-youtube watchers, here’s a few of the best songs that the modern day Don Drapers and Peggy Olsons are harvesting for […]

The Rest of the Best Albums of 2010 (So Far)

Date July 7, 2010

Taylor posted his favorite albums of the year so far last week, and while it’s a fine list all around, there were a few glaring omissions that I needed to rectify. Some of the things here were actually on Taylor’s honorable mention and near-misses lists and some of it was completely absent, but they’re all […]

Summer (Or What It Sounds Like)

Date May 19, 2010

Photo taken by the amazing Linus Lohoff – Flickr What is all this talk about Vitamin-D being a natural source of energy? In terms of getting anything outside of work done, this has honestly been the most unproductive month of my life (unless you count running after the bus). I may have even resorted to […]