Album Art Lover: Blurry

Date August 15, 2012

For this edition of my ongoing album art lover series (where I discuss album art trends and stuff), I’m focusing on the album covers using blur, an effect I’ve seen pop up more and more this year, from Cloud Nothings to The Antlers to Chromatics. Probably the most iconic blurry album photo is Bob Dylan’s […]’s Best Albums of 2011

Date December 27, 2011

(photo by cubagallery) Well, here we go again. Like last year, we voted for our favorite albums of the year and put it all together to make one definitive (not really), collaborative Best Albums list. We even all pitched in on writing some blurbs too. As can be expected, there are many albums we loved […]

The Antlers, Rihanna do The xx

Date November 14, 2011

Whether it’s covers, remixes, side-projects, tv commercials, or Mercury Prizes, British minimalist indie pop band The xx have managed to stay in the spotlight ever since their sensational debut album in 2009, which is both a testament to their overwhelming popularity in the indie music scene and their ever-growing mainstream appeal.┬áBoth sides were on full […]

Best Albums of 2011 (so far)

Date July 1, 2011

photo via cubagallery We’re halfway through 2011 which means it’s time for the annual mid-year recap of the best albums of the year so far. If there’s a theme for 2011 so far it’s been defying the sophomore slump with Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, The Antlers, Lykke Li, STRFKR and The Rural Alberta Advantage all […]

Burst Apart

Date May 13, 2011

While the The Antlers previous album, the catharsis-driven Hospice, centers around a gripping narrative of a relationship between a hospice worker and patient on the brink of death, their follow-up album, the newly released Burst Apart focuses on the balance between love, hate, and loneliness in a far less direct manner. However despite its broader […]

Album Art Lover: High-Speed Photography

Date April 13, 2011

As a Digital Communications major who’s dabbled in photography, one of my favorite things to see on an album cover is a really great photograph. I also have always loved the look of high speed photography. Album art featuring high-speed photos are usually pretty far and few between but recently I’ve noticed a few examples […]