Favorite Live Shows of 2012

Date December 12, 2012

As a result of certain life events due to transpire next year, I may not be going to concerts / festivals at the same rate I used to, so it’s a good thing that I went all out this year. This was my first year I went to Bonnaroo in addition to my usual Pitchfork […]

Sleigh Bells @ Pitchfork Music Festival (6/14)

Date July 26, 2012

Going into Sleigh Bell‘s set at Pitchfork Festival I wouldn’t claim to be too big a fan of the band, but I think that’s because I never experienced them in the correct environment. On record, I find that the clashing guitars and saccharine vocals can be abrasive, but put them on a stage with stacks […]

The Rest of the Best Albums of 2012 (so far)

Date July 10, 2012

Honestly, you would think Taylor would have the hang of this by now. But no, instead it once again falls to me to fill in the gaps left by his recent Best Albums of 2012 (So Far) list. To his credit, my Rest of the Best list is significantly shorter this year, but these omissions […]

Summer (Or What It Sounds Like) Vol. 3

Date May 24, 2012

(photo by gege.gatt) After taking its sweet time last year, summer has struck back with a┬ávengeance. At least here in the midwest, 90+ degree temperatures and clear, sunny skies are quickly becoming the norm. Of course, with summertime not only comes trips to the beach and increased slushie sales┬ábut exuberant, feel-good summer jams. As is […]

Past, Present, Future: Spin Magazine

Date March 12, 2012

Music magazines, like most traditional journalism outlets, have struggled to find a footing in recent years. As we have seen on a larger scale with daily newspapers, established brands are trying to figure out their place in the conversation: Rolling Stone slimmed down and shifted their focus to encompass the overarching culture rather than just […]

musicforants.com’s Best Songs of 2010

Date December 16, 2010

(photo by cubagallery) Best songs of the year is typically the most difficult list to make but also the most rewarding. There’s nothing more indicative of a year in music then it’s greatest songs, and evident from the tracks listed below, I’d venture to say 2010 was a pretty great year. To add some perspective […]