Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang! (The James Bond Mix)

Date November 9, 2012

James Bond has long been one of my favorite film heroes. Growing up I would watch and rewatch my favorite Bond films (mostly taped on VHS from TBS “15 Days of 007” marathons) and although the franchise’s quality is pretty hit-or-miss, I’ll always have a particular fondness for the suave secret agent. The latest Bond […]

Commercial Watch: Jónsi, Rogue Wave, Big Boi + more

Date February 24, 2011

It’s time for another edition of Commercial Watch, where I again highlight some of the best and brightest indie songs that are out there soundtracking commercials for cars, mobile phones, chewing gums and national football leagues. Since I know all of you are the Hulu / DVR / next-day-on-youtube type, here’s a few of the […]

The mix with all the girls names

Date February 10, 2011

Songs with girls names in the title are just about as old as pop music itself, from “Peggy Sue” to “Layla” to “Jenny (867-5309)” to “For Emma, Forever Ago”, artists have been written love songs addressed directly to that particular special someone. So to celebrate that tradition (and keeping in mind Valentine’s Day is quickly […]