Pygmalion Fest: The Hood Internet, RJD2

Date October 12, 2009

(Picture via Stereogum) In keeping with the celebratory, unifying nature of Pygmalion Festival, it was very fitting to end it all with a huge dance party. The last acts of the fest to play were YACHT, the Hood Internet, and RJD2 each bringing their own unique electronica / dance styles to the table. I unfortunately missed […]

Pygmalion Fest: The Books, Iron & Wine

Date October 8, 2009

After a very bountiful three days of music festivities, Pygmalion was entering it’s final moments and Saturday began with Iron & Wine‘s highly anticipated headlining set at the Krannert Theatre. The Books opened the show with a set that mixed found footage with avant-garde musical accompaniment. Although I’ve always admired the band, I’ve never quite invested enough […]

Pygmalion Fest: Pomegranates, The Antlers, Wavves

Date October 5, 2009

I had just become a fan of Pomegranates, psych-pop band from Cincinnati, before seeing their Friday show at Pygmalion Festival, so I was anxious to see what they had to offer. I was able to catch two songs I recognized, the summery “Everybody, Come Outside!” (complete with a megaphone for the chorus) and the dreamy, reverb-drenched “Beachcomber”.  Their bouncy […]

Pygmalion Fest: BLK JKS, Maps & Atlases, So Many Dynamos

Date September 30, 2009

Both musically and geographically, BLK JKS added an extra dimension of diversity to the Pygmalion Festival lineup. The band are originally from South Africa (although they said during the set this was a myth and they’re really from a van parked behind the venue) and they mix vocal chanting, blues-rock guitar, and tribal drumming creating […]

Pygmalion Fest: Low

Date September 28, 2009

While Pygmalion Festival is most well known for booking newer, upcoming acts, they usually throw one or two more seasoned artists like Yo La Tengo last year and David Bazan in ’07. This year it was the legendary slowcore band, Low, that fit the bill. I don’t think I could imagine a better place to […]

Pygmalion Fest: Headlights / Japandroids / Owen / Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

Date September 23, 2009

What better way is there to usher in the autumn season then with a heaping dose of Pygmalion Festival, central IL’s premiere music event. This year the Chamapign-Urbana festival kicked off with the locally-based Polyvinyl Records showcase which featured a great variety of bands some new (Japandroids), some old (Owen), some local (Headlights, Common Loon) […]