Pitchfork Fest – Day 2 – The Review

Date August 3, 2006

I’ve heard so much about the Pitchfork Fest in the last few days that even I’m sick of it. And I freakin’ loved it. But if just to complete the long string of posts and get onto doing whatever else music bloggers do – here’s the day two review. The biggest difference from the get-go […]

Pitchfork Fest – Day 2 – The Videos

Date August 2, 2006

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Pitchfork Fest – Day 2 – The Pictures

Date August 2, 2006

You can see the whole set of Pitchfork Fest Pictures browseable by artist at Pictures For Kids Who Can’t Read Good. I’m uploading Day 2 videos as well as writing up a review now also. Click for more Tapes n’ Tapes pictures Click for more Danielson pictures Click for more Jens Lekmen pictures Click for […]

Pitchfork Fest – Day 1 – The Videos

Date August 1, 2006

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Pitchfork Fest – Day 1 – The Review

Date August 1, 2006

We arrived in Chicago around 11:45 in time to catch a few songs in Chin Up Chin Up’s set. I didn’t really like the singer’s voice on the album; but in person me and Matty G agreed that it was much stronger (Matty G is a friend of mine and a much better music writer […]

Pitchfork Fest – Day 1 – The Pictures

Date July 31, 2006

I’m separating my Pitchfork Fest recaps into three parts – Pictures/Review/Video. Click the links below to see the rest of the images from each respective artist with nifty slideshow effects, courtesy of Pictures For Kids Who Can’t Read Good. Tomorrow I’ll give my thoughts on all the bands and the next day I’ll be sharing […]