Hot Chip @ Pitchfork Music Festival (6/14)

Date July 30, 2012

On the title track to Hot Chip‘s sophomore album the British electro-pop band warns that “Hot Chip will break your legs, snap off your head” and watching all the wild, celebratory dancing happening in the crowd during their Saturday evening set, you could be sure they weren’t joking around. The band’s euphoric dance anthems incited […]

Chromatics @ Pitchfork Music Festival (6/14)

Date July 30, 2012

Chromatics released one of my favorite albums this year in Kill For Love, so despite soundcheck difficulties that had them start twenty minutes late, I stuck around to watch the Portland electro-pop quartet. The band opened with “Tick of the Clock”, the instrumental which was featured in the opening scene of Drive, which led seamlessly into one of the […]

Sleigh Bells @ Pitchfork Music Festival (6/14)

Date July 26, 2012

Going into Sleigh Bell‘s set at Pitchfork Festival I wouldn’t claim to be too big a fan of the band, but I think that’s because I never experienced them in the correct environment. On record, I find that the clashing guitars and saccharine vocals can be abrasive, but put them on a stage with stacks […]

Wild Flag @ Pitchfork Music Festival (6/14)

Date July 25, 2012

Whether they were fans of Carrie Brownstein’s comedic turn in the hipster sketch-comedy show Portlandia or they’re fans of bands like Sleater-Kinney, Helium, and The Minders of which the bandmembers used to play, or they’re just really into girl-power, people turned up in waves to check out Portland super-group Wild Flag. The band started things […]

Youth Lagoon @ Pitchfork Music Festival (6/14)

Date July 24, 2012

Youth Lagoon‘s palette of soft, intimate keyboards and subtle electronica doesn’t always translate well to outdoor music festivals, but I doubt that deterred any fans of the band’s deeply emotional dream-pop. Trevor Powers didn’t attempt to intensify their music and spent little effort engaging the audience, letting the seeping beauty of the songs speak for themselves. […]

Cults @ Pitchfork Music Festival (6/14)

Date July 23, 2012

It made sense that just before Cults began to play their sunny, throwback retro-pop, the sun came out at Union Park. The Brooklyn group certainly has grown a lot since I saw them two years ago, when they were still the mystery buzz band with just a few songs to their name but their live […]