Winter (Or What We Mistake for December)

Date January 14, 2011

Photo taken by the amazing garmonique I’ll be honest with you, this collection of songs was compiled with nothing but mixed emotions and by that I mean I wasn’t able to put my finger on any real understanding of what Winter should feel like. Happy or sad? The undertones of what is otherwise pleasing to […]

Commercial Watch: Joanna Newsom, Morning Benders, Los Campesinos! + more

Date November 17, 2010

It’s time once again to highlight some of the hippest, indiest songs that are out there soundtracking commercials for cars, beers, clothing collections and chocolate-covered peanut butter confections. So for all the Hulu / DVR / next-day-on-youtube watchers, here’s a few of the best songs that the modern day Don Drapers and Peggy Olsons are harvesting for […]

Best Albums of 2010 (so far)

Date July 2, 2010

photo via sunbeam17 Click here to view updated Best Albums of 2010 list Six months of 2010 have passed which means it’s time for the annual mid-year recap of the best albums of the year so far. It’s already been a very exciting year for music and with scheduled releases from Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Belle […]

iPad commercial / The Blue Van’s “There Goes My Love”

Date March 8, 2010

The first TV spot for Apple’s iPad premiered last night at the Oscars. I know a lot of people have already written this device off mainly due to it’s similarities to the iPhone / iPod Touch, but I’m still in the “interested” camp. I won’t be lining up for this device, but I’d certainly love […]

Track Review: Laura Veirs, Broken Bells, Love is All

Date January 7, 2010

MP3 Laura Veirs – July Flame Laura Veirs has been one of my favorite female singer/songwriters ever since 2005’s wonderful Year of Meteors. She is probably most well-known for the duet she did with Colin Meloy on “Yankee Bayonet” from The Decemberist’s Crane Wife (from reading Meloy’s twitter, it’s obvious he’s still a big fan). […]

Best Music Videos of 2007

Date December 5, 2007

Here listed before you are hands-down the 22 best music videos of the year 2007. I’m not saying I watched every music video in 2007, but I’m just going to assume that all the other ones completely suck (for purposes of this list). I’m estimating it would take about an hour and a half to […]