Date November 23, 2010

In attempts to feed the marrow of what really moves me musically, I’ve decided to let the content of my posts wander in the warmer streets of LA. I have taken a genuine interest in their sunnier philosophies of song structures and distinguished clearer perspectives in terms of what it is exactly that inspires them. […]

Best Albums of 2009

Date December 28, 2009

In a few days a new decade will begin and we’ll have a whole new debate about what to call the decade, but first we must reflect on the final year of the zeroes/naughties. It seems like I talk every year about how surprised I am by the amount of new artists that show up […]

Track Reviews: Headlights, Kings of Convenience, Raveonettes

Date August 19, 2009

MP3 Headlights – Get Going Headlights continue to mix dream pop with summery folk with their leadoff single for their third LP, Wildlife. The band achieve a very light, organic sound on “Get Going”, building the track over a blanket of acoustic guitars and wistful humming. Tristan sings lead on this track and continues to […]

Erlend Oye

Date December 9, 2005

I knew Erlend عe from Kings of Convenience, of which he is the singer/songwriter/dancer (see “I’d Rather Dance…” music video), but just found out about his solo career very recently. He apparently is a very proficient DJ, and works with many famous European electronica acts, in between KOC albums (himself being Norwegian). I read that […]

Kings of Convenience

Date August 24, 2005

I discovered this band through iTunes Free Music Downloads program, and was recently reminded how good they are when my place of employment (barnes and noble) added them to the in-store play list (Much better than playing Celtic Woman every day, much better)… The music is slow, folky with a jazz tint (trumpets and piano […]