Band Name in Song Title Mix

Date April 29, 2010

photo: Kyle Dean Reinford As anyone who’s been in a band (or at least created one in Guitar Hero / Rock Band) knows, a lot of thought goes into picking a band name. It’s often the first impression that the listener has of the group and is a defining aspect of a band’s identity. So […]

Boom! Boom boom, cha! Redux

Date March 24, 2010

A little over a month ago I posted the Boom! Boom boom, cha! (“Be My Baby” Drum Intro) Mix and I’ve been overjoyed with the great response it’s been getting. As I said before, the Phil Spector-penned / Ronettes-performed “Be My Baby” intro is possibly the most iconic drum beat in pop music and has […]

50 Songs of 2009 (2 of 2)

Date December 18, 2009

Here is the much-anticipated conclusion to my top 50 songs of 2009 list (if you haven’t already, take a look at the first 25 and read the foreword/ground rules). These are my favorite 25 songs of the year. As before, there’s a link by each song where you can download/hear the song or you can […]

I made a 2009 mix!

Date July 3, 2009

This is a mix I made of songs from this year that I like. Some of these songs you’ve probably heard, some you might not have. It should fit nicely on a CD and comes embedded with some awesomely patriotic album art (that’s a real, non-photoshopped image by the way). Download the mix below and […]

Newsflashes (Sufjan, Album Leaks, Matt McConaughey, more)

Date April 24, 2009

Sufjan Stevens released a old demo track that was inspired by Sofia Coppola on his blog, and explains a bit of his songwriting process.  If you’re a Sufjan fan (or borderline obsessive, like me) it’s pretty much required reading / listening.  The track is not half bad, it’s very simple and quaint, just him and […]

God Help The Girl: “Come Monday Night”

Date April 6, 2009

While it doesn’t look like a proper Belle & Sebastian album will be appearing anytime soon, I think this is the next best thing.  God Help The Girl is a project that B&S frontman Stuart Murdoch has been working on for some time and it’s a musical narrative album fronted by an array of voices […]