Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang! (The James Bond Mix)

Date November 9, 2012

James Bond has long been one of my favorite film heroes. Growing up I would watch and rewatch my favorite Bond films (mostly taped on VHS from TBS “15 Days of 007” marathons) and although the franchise’s quality is pretty hit-or-miss, I’ll always have a particular fondness for the suave secret agent. The latest Bond […]

Songs For Dreamers (Inception Mix)

Date July 16, 2010

This upcoming weekend brings two of my most anticipated events of the summer, Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago and the opening of Inception. It’s been exactly two years since Christopher Nolan’s last opus, The Dark Knight (I remember because that’s also the weekend I got married) and that is one of my favorites movies of […]

Beatles-esque Mix

Date September 7, 2009

It’s hard not to get caught up in Beatlemania this week. The complete set of Beatles Remastered albums are being released (stereo and mono) as well as the much-awaited game,¬†Beatles: Rock Band.¬† There’s even rumors of the band finally being added to iTunes at tomorrow’s Apple music event. I think it goes without saying that […]

New Songs: Of Montreal, The Rosebuds, Franz Ferdinand

Date August 12, 2008

I’m taking a break from Lollapalooza coverage today to talk about some of the new songs that have been popping up all over the place recently from some of my favorite artists.¬† First one is something that’s already made the rounds a few times, the single from Of Montreal’s highly anticipated album, Skeletal Lamping, but […]

Brits Covering Brits

Date February 12, 2008

It seems to be quite the trend among the cool Britpop kids to cover each others songs, and I noticed the other day that I have a rather sizable collection of these UK-covering UK-ers. The rules of this mix is both both the coverer and the coveree have to be British (duh), and they have […]

You’re Supposed To Be My Friend

Date August 27, 2007

1990s (no The and no apostrophe) are the natural successor to fellow Glasglow natives and former bandmates Franz Ferdinand. Their first single, “You’re Supposed To Be My Friend”, immediately shoots you with overdriven guitars, heavy accented vocals, and cheeky throwaway lyrics (I think I’ll take the dog for a walk / maybe I’ll meet up […]