Final Album, Closing Track Mix

Date March 23, 2011

Last year, I made a mix of Debut Album, Opening Tracks, which featured a few of my favorite side one track ones on debut albums. In thinking about some of the bands that are breaking up recently (LCD Soundsystem, The White Stripes), I decided to make a sequel to that mix of the best closing […]

The mix with all the girls names

Date February 10, 2011

Songs with girls names in the title are just about as old as pop music itself, from “Peggy Sue” to “Layla” to “Jenny (867-5309)” to “For Emma, Forever Ago”, artists have been written love songs addressed directly to that particular special someone. So to celebrate that tradition (and keeping in mind Valentine’s Day is quickly […]

The Back-to-School Soundtrack

Date August 27, 2010

Above photo is from an awesome film called Brick School is starting back up in the next couple weeks and since we’re big on education here at Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good, (I am married to a first grade teacher) I’ve made a back-to-school mix inspired by some of my favorite songs from […]

Songs For Dreamers (Inception Mix)

Date July 16, 2010

This upcoming weekend brings two of my most anticipated events of the summer, Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago and the opening of Inception. It’s been exactly two years since Christopher Nolan’s last opus, The Dark Knight (I remember because that’s also the weekend I got married) and that is one of my favorites movies of […]

50 Albums of the Decade

Date November 2, 2009

(photo by dcdead) I told myself I wasn’t going to do a decades album list. I mean how can you really rank all your favorite albums over a period of ten years that isn’t even completed yet? Over the last couple of months though, I found myself slowly beginning to compile a list of my […]

Beatles-esque Mix

Date September 7, 2009

It’s hard not to get caught up in Beatlemania this week. The complete set of Beatles Remastered albums are being released (stereo and mono) as well as the much-awaited game,¬†Beatles: Rock Band.¬† There’s even rumors of the band finally being added to iTunes at tomorrow’s Apple music event. I think it goes without saying that […]