Deerhunter @ Pitchfork (7/17)

Date August 8, 2011

My relationship with Deerhunter has come a long way since I last saw them perform at Pitchfork Festival in 2007. At the time, I found them vastly overrated and their set didn’t do anything to convert me (although seeing Bradford Cox perform in a dress was interesting). Flash forward to current day and I agree […]’s Best Albums of 2010

Date December 27, 2010

(photo by cubagallery) In a few days 2010 will come to a close and as I look back, I really must say this has been one of my favorite years to cover since I started writing about music. I don’t know how the rest of the decade will keep up the pace, because this year […]’s Best Songs of 2010

Date December 16, 2010

(photo by cubagallery) Best songs of the year is typically the most difficult list to make but also the most rewarding. There’s nothing more indicative of a year in music then it’s greatest songs, and evident from the tracks listed below, I’d venture to say 2010 was a pretty great year. To add some perspective […]

Favorite Live Shows of 2010

Date December 8, 2010

It’s time for more end-of-year lists! It’s been another busy year for me, but I’ve managed to see lots of great live shows. I figured out that well over half of the artists that made it onto my favorite albums of the year list I saw in concert, which I suppose is a pretty good […]

Spoon / Deerhunter – Live @ Aragon Ballroom

Date April 5, 2010

After taking an extended break from concerts, I now have a full calendar lined up for the next couple months kicking off with the always incredible Spoon, who played Aragon Ballroom last Thursday night with backing from Deerhunter and Micachu & the Shapes (who I unfortunately didn’t make it in time to see). Although this […]

Boom! Boom boom, cha! (“Be My Baby” Drum Intro) Mix

Date February 15, 2010

The “Be My Baby” intro is possibly the most iconic drum beat in pop music. The Phil Spector-penned “boom, boom boom, cha!” is instantly recognizable and the beat has been been both duplicated and used in a number of variations by artists time and time again. The Jesus and Mary Chain liked the beat enough […]