50 Songs Of The Decade (2000 – 2009)

Date August 31, 2011

(photo by dcdead) I released my 50 albums of the decade list two years ago with all intentions to follow it up with a matching songs list. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. No such list ever materialized and I kindof gave up on the idea. That is until earlier this summer when […]

DJ Hero Gift Card Contest

Date November 4, 2009

One of the benefits of living in a college dorm was my introduction to the Guitar Hero, a game that I have developed a serious obsession with over the years. This year has already brought Guitar Hero 5, which is a great addition to the series and has the most indie-fied song list yet (TV […]

50 Albums of the Decade

Date November 2, 2009

(photo by dcdead) I told myself I wasn’t going to do a decades album list. I mean how can you really rank all your favorite albums over a period of ten years that isn’t even completed yet? Over the last couple of months though, I found myself slowly beginning to compile a list of my […]

Songs for a Robot (The Wall-E Mix)

Date July 3, 2008

I saw Wall-E last week and absolutely loved it.  I’m a huge fan of everything Pixar’s done (except for Cars, which was just ok) and this film is right up there with Toy Story as my favorite Pixar film.  I actually got choked up in a couple parts, it was a completely wonderful movie experience.  […]

For The Weekend: Daft Punk Alive 2007

Date December 8, 2007

This is a pretty obvious one, but someone was nice enough to send this album my way and I think it definitely deserves a mention on this site. Pitchfork said it best when it called this album the “Ultimate Daft Punk Mixtape”. For those new to Daft Punk, other than seeing their live show in […]