Good Cover Version

Date June 22, 2010

Cheryse recently wrote about First Aid Kit, a band that first came to my attention thanks to this cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song”. Re-listening to that cover got me thinking about other covers I’ve enjoyed over the past few years, so I decided to compile and share some of my favorites with […]

Juno Soundtrack

Date January 22, 2008

I saw Juno a couple weeks ago and I thought it was brilliant. It did have some flaws, some of the cast was a bit underused (cough, Michael Cera) and they could have given Rainn Wilson more than three lines, but as far as cute, quirky indie films go, this is up there with Little […]

The “good albums with really bad album covers” Mix

Date August 10, 2007

Back when compact discs were all the rage, if you didn’t care for the album art, it really didn’t matter. You probably just took it out of it’s cover and threw it in a giant CD Holder or used a CD-R that your friend burnt for you (probably with the incorrect tracklisting) anyway. In the […]