Pepper Rabbit

Date November 11, 2010

Since the 1990’s, Silver Lake, California has quickly evolved into a melting pot for the Alternative/Indie Rock world. The same hilly neighborhood that brought you artists like Local Natives, Karen O, and Rilo Kelly has me once again digitally navigating through its bustle of venues to the lofty discovery of Pepper Rabbit — the low-key, […]

Favorite Live Shows of 2009

Date December 3, 2009

It’s time yet again for EOY (that’s “end of year” for newbies) lists! 2009 has been one of my busiest years, but in the midst of all that I’ve still been able to catch some great concerts. I chose the 15 shows of 2009 that I loved the most for this list. Make sure to […]

50 Albums of the Decade

Date November 2, 2009

(photo by dcdead) I told myself I wasn’t going to do a decades album list. I mean how can you really rank all your favorite albums over a period of ten years that isn’t even completed yet? Over the last couple of months though, I found myself slowly beginning to compile a list of my […]

Beirut – Live @ Pitchfork

Date July 31, 2009

When I first saw Beirut, I was completely blown away by Zach Condon and his group of spirited young troubadours playing songs you would think were coming from a Balkan folk band in Eastern Europe. That was three years ago and Zach and co. are now seasoned professionals wielding their trumpets and accordions with ease […]

The “Go Planet!” Earth Day Mix

Date April 22, 2009

Today is Earth Day and in honor of nature and the environment and taking pollution down to zero, here’s a mix of some of my favorite eco-friendly songs. Do your part in saving the world the today by planting a tree or converting your car to run on vegetable oil.  Remember, THE POWER IS YOURS! […]

The Walls Are Coming Down

Date February 17, 2009

I first posted about Fanfarlo early in 2008 when most of their songs were still in demo form saying, “this band is going places, and I suggest you get on board.” It’s been a year in making, but the band is now releasing their debut album and are picking up followers left and right, captivating everyone […]