Polyvinyl 15th Anniversary Show @ Pygmalion Festival (9/24)

Date October 21, 2011

About a month ago, I was at the Polyvinyl Records 15th Anniversary show in downtown Champaign, IL and I had a blast. It was the first time that Pygmalion Festival has done an outdoor stage and it turned out fantastic. I wanted to do individual reviews for each band but other things kept coming up […]

Polyvinyl Records – 15 Years, 15 Songs

Date September 21, 2011

(credit to venuszine for the picture) Living in central Illinois, there’s not much going on in the cultural landscape that’s worth mentioning, but Polyvinyl Records in Champaign / Urbana, IL has been a beacon of excellence since their inception in 1995. This weekend, Polyvinyl is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary with a huge concert on the […]

Summer (Or What It Sounds Like) Vol. 2

Date June 20, 2011

As they say, better late than clever. Or was it never? No, I don’t think that has ever been the case. You can blame Summer for its leisure arrival to great Northwest or the fact that a greater understanding of time management quite frankly just eludes me–this really only happens as it gets warmer, I […]

Best Albums of 2009

Date December 28, 2009

In a few days a new decade will begin and we’ll have a whole new debate about what to call the decade, but first we must reflect on the final year of the zeroes/naughties. It seems like I talk every year about how surprised I am by the amount of new artists that show up […]

50 Songs of 2009 (2 of 2)

Date December 18, 2009

Here is the much-anticipated conclusion to my top 50 songs of 2009 list (if you haven’t already, take a look at the first 25 and read the foreword/ground rules). These are my favorite 25 songs of the year. As before, there’s a link by each song where you can download/hear the song or you can […]

Best Music Videos of 2009

Date December 7, 2009

Here listed before you are the absolute 25 finest music videos of 2009. I’ve watched dozens upon dozens of videos this year, and trust me, these are the best. All the videos are embedded below for easy viewability. Clicking on the song title will link you to the highest quality video. I’m estimating it would […]