’s Best Albums of 2012

Date December 20, 2012

(photo by cubagallery) We’re quickly approaching the end of 2012 and/or the world depending on your interpretation of Mayan prophecy, and that can only mean it’s time to reflect on the best albums of the year. For me, one record stood head and shoulders above the rest in 2012, so album of the year was […]’s Best Songs of 2012

Date December 18, 2012

(photo by cubagallery) These are 50 tracks that delighted, inspired and fascinated us in 2012 and that we think are worthy of remembering long after the year is over. We present them here in highly unscientific ordered list form, with Matt’s songs marked with a “-MG” and my choices with a “-TJ” next to them. To better […]

Autumn (Or What It Feels Like To Fall) Vol. 3

Date September 11, 2012

After the record-breaking hot and humid summer we just had, Autumn and the cooler temperatures that come with it, is a most welcome change. Who doesn’t love pulling out their sweaters and scarfs, admiring the lovely shades of reds and yellows, and the smell of the bonfires and apple cider in the air? With the […]

MP3: Andrew Bird – Give It Away

Date February 27, 2012

“Give It Away” first made the rounds on the web last summer, when Andrew Bird debuted the track live at Celebrate Brooklyn and now we’re finally getting to hear the studio version in all its debonair, violin-plucking glory. The track alternates between Bird’s quick-tempo string noodlings and the more relaxed, melodic folk of the verses. […]

Commercial Watch: M83, Battles, Andrew Bird, Surfer Blood, The Kinks + more

Date October 28, 2011

It’s time for another edition of Commercial Watch, where I highlight the songs that play during those annoying parts that you never watch in between Parks and Recreation and The Walking Dead. The commercials are embedded below with MP3s included. Make sure to click the continue reading link to see the full post. Just do it. […]

50 Songs Of The Decade (2000 – 2009)

Date August 31, 2011

(photo by dcdead) I released my 50 albums of the decade list two years ago with all intentions to follow it up with a matching songs list. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. No such list ever materialized and I kindof gave up on the idea. That is until earlier this summer when […]