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Sufjan Pictures and Review

Date September 16, 2005

(before I begin my review here’s all my pictures from last night – Click Here)

Last night was awesome! Sufjan Stevens played a fantastic show, the energy in the place was indescribable, the crowd ate it all up (especially since it was on the U of I campus, the costumes went over well to say the least. Sufjan started off the show (after a few gymnastics) with the 50 states theme song, and then packed up his bags for Illinois.

The Tallest Man had a really cool drum solo in the middle where all the rest of the band reached their arms out at him and did the “happy fingers” thing that cheerleaders do during free throws… Awesome!!!

Peoria! was a real treat since that’s where I’m from, I made sure to yell real loud when he mentioned it was one of his favorite towns.

Jacksonville and the foregoing cheer was a real pleasure live and it kindof rocked, Sufjan had an electric guitar in this song.

Palisades has always been a huge favorite of mine and it has a really cool/different ending live, definitely a highlight

Casmir Pulaski Day seemed to be the emotional highlight of the night, I don’t if it was the sweat or his emotion or my imagination but Sufjan’s eyes looked a bit watery. Very solemn and pretty song.

John Wayne Gacy was just as chilling as it is on the CD, you could hear a feather drop in the audience during this song, it was so quiet.

A Good Man Is Hard To Find is one of my favorite Seven Swans tunes, so I was glad to see this one picked to play next, we all snapped our fingers during it, it was really cool

–Sufjan did a hilarious interlude here about how the last part of the set was like when you lose a big game/forget to do your homework/get dumped/sprain your ankle/etc… but theres a “quick fix” take a trip to Decatur (this brought enomorous cheers as Decatur is very close to where we were)–

Decatur was one i didn’t see on some early setlists and was dissappointed cuz i love it, i was very happy to see it played and for the banjo to come out again

Night Zombies was a fun song, Sufjan did little hand signals during the I-L-L-I-N-O-I-S

Metropolis started off with a cheer and a human pyramid, the band seemed really excited at this point lots of jumping etc…
The song rocked hard, and Shara can really play the electric guitar, she was like jumping around and stuff… awesome

Sufjan left the stage temporarily and then returned to shouts of Chicago… and played… Chicago!
-Chicago was a great performance, I knew they couldn’t forget the Windy City. Great ending to a great night!

After the show I was able to talk to John Ringhofer about some various stuff, I’ll post my interview with him tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Sufjan Pictures and Review”

  1. Kid with a Shovel said:

    dude, I love the site, I visit it like everyday, mostly because of all of your Sufjan stuff. I’m jealous that you got to see him live, I’m dying to. But, I’m in Louisiana, next to no where, and it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Also, you should go to your setting on blogger and click “YES” to word verification so all these advertisers will stop giving you false comments on your site..aha. ALright man, check my blog out if you want kidwithashovel.blogspot.com and keep up the cool stuff.

  2. c said:

    i love your sufjan write up and the pics you took, especially the one you led the post off with.
    sufjan is a very unique artist, and i’ve just recently gotten very into his stuff (maybe a little later than all the cool kids did :)
    anyway, i’ve never been to one of his shows, but i hope to get to one soon, cause they sound like magic.