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Suddenly Everything Has Changed

Date December 27, 2012

I started Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good on a whim back in 2005, based on a crazy idea to merge my love for the cult comedy Zoolander and my budding interest in indie rock music. At the time, I didn’t expect any more than a handful of people would care to read it, much less that I’d be still be writing seven years later. A lot has changed since then, I now have a full-time web content managing job, I got married in 2008 and we just learned that we have a young’un on the way.

Obviously, I’m going to have less time for blogging than I used to. While I’m not planning on giving it up anytime soon, I’ve decided to move to a microblogging (aka tumblelog) format. I’ll still be sharing my music recommendations, mixes, lists and whatever else tickles my fancy, just with more media-focused posts and less of my commentary (not like you read all that stuff anyway).

So beginning sometime next year, musicforants.com will direct to musicforants.tumblr.com. This blog will be archived at here, along with all of our old posts. I’ve already started posting at the new tumblr so feel free to head over there and subscribe to my updates / update your RSS feed. I’ll be posting the new Winter Or What We Mistake For December mix (update: it’s here!) there soon, so stay tuned!

MP3 The Flaming Lips – Suddenly Everything Has Changed

4 Responses to “Suddenly Everything Has Changed”

  1. Tami Baribeau said:

    Sounds awesome :) Wherever you’re posting, I’ll follow you. No other blogger has musical tastes that line up as closely as mine. A tumblr is the perfect format for you I think!

    Good luck in your new home, and congrats on the impending little one Taylor! :)

  2. Anonymous said:

    dude pretty much been reading you since the inception. good luck on the new venture.

  3. Tiko said:




    If there’s any way you can preserve the “My Ipod is so Hot Right Now” feature, that would be wonderful.

    To new frontiers!

    Er, to new anthills!

  4. Taylor said:

    Blessings to you in the coming year! I have loved reading and downloading new music from Music For Ants. Thanks for all the time you have put into here. I’ve learned so much from your site.