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Newsflashes: Okkervil River, Rock Band, Devendra

Date August 7, 2007

This is the part where I talk about things that I’m finding awesome this week.

The first on the list of awesomeness is Okkervil River’s new album, recently given BNM status over at the Fork. I’ve been playing The Stage Names almost daily since I got a hold of it, it’s definitely my favorite from the band. It’s great to see Okkervil River make an album that’s a bit more fun and even danceable (check out the end of my favorite track “Unless It Kicks”). “Plus Ones” with it’s references to The Zombies, Nena, and David Bowie songs is another big highlight (check out Blogs Are For Dogs for a full examination of the musical references), and don’t forget the Sloop John B. ending to the album (with Meinsburg’s backing vocals in full operatic effect).

MP3 Unless It Kicks

I’ve been going a bit crazy in anticipation of Guitar Hero 3 lately, but that was untill I saw some live demos of some people playing Sufragette City on Rock Band! Now I’m having a hard time deciding which I’m anticipating more!!! Gahh!!!!! Breathe in. Breathe out. Either way, both of the lists of bands are shaping up nicely (check wikipedia for info) and one of the songs that I’m most excited to play has just been added to both consoles (song below).

MP3 Strokes – Reptilia

In more new and upcoming music news, there’s a couple new Devendra Banhart songs floating around from the album Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, the most notable being a freak-folk epic by the name of “Seahorse”.

It has a great mix of spooky vocal effects and shuffling piano play and some jammin’ guitar work. At just over eight minutes, it’s Devendra’s longest and of his best songs.

MP3 Devendra Banhart – Seahorse

– Also, new iMacs and iLife ’08 announced today at the Summer Mac Press Conference. Check Engadget for some coverage of the event. I always wanted a .33 inch thick keyboard!

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5 Responses to “Newsflashes: Okkervil River, Rock Band, Devendra”

  1. Christian said:

    Anybody know a good place to look at release dates for music that doesn’t include mainstream pop/rock? Amazon’s too messy. Maybe a site where it’s listed by date.

  2. taylor said:

    I always check here:


  3. Christian said:

    Jeremy Enigk will release his new CD Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jeff said:

    Call call on the Okkervil River. What a stellar stellar album.

  5. Jeff said:

    Yeah, I meant to write good call. I don’t know what “call call” is. Maybe some new British indie band?