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Spike Jonze’s “Everyone Poops” Trailer

Date April 7, 2009

Where The Wild Things has gotten so much great early buzz that writer/director Spike Jonze has already began adapting another ten-page children’s book into film. This time it’s the classic toilet training book for youngsters, “Everyone Poops“. The trailer was released today and like Wild Things this one also features everyone’s favorite Canadian rock collective, Arcade Fire. This movie looks EPIC.

MP3 Arcade Fire – Wake Up (alternate version)


6 Responses to “Spike Jonze’s “Everyone Poops” Trailer”

  1. Linds said:

    hardest I’ve laughed all day.

  2. ultrafknbd said:


  3. Pablo said:


    So funny I had to put it on my personal blog.

  4. Eep said:

    Poop is full of win!

  5. Chris said:

    Just caught this on College Humor – cracked me up, but I wouldn’t put it past ’em… that Spike Jonze is a crazy muther effer

  6. Hannah said:

    I think one could sell millions of “Inside of us all is…. Poop” T-Shirts. Really awesome.