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Of Montreal / MTMG / Grand Buffet – Live @ Canopy Club

Date October 15, 2007

This was my third time seeing Of Montreal and the band put on yet another fantabulous show to their ever-adoring crowd. The concert was a much different experience than the two prior. For the Polyvinyl 10th Anniversary Show the band amped up the sexuality aspect of their music and their stage show included multiple costume changes (showing more skin each time), an on-stage whipping, and a very kinky use of a samurai sword. At Pitchfork Fest the sexual was traded for the bizarre. The on-stage antics culminated into a performance of “The Past is a Grotesque Animal” where Kevin changed into leather biker daddy costume while the late B.P. Helium pressed his guitar up against the giant speakers and Kevin’s brother, David came out on stage wearing a fat suit and a what can only be described as a golden, melted Captain Crunch on his head. This show was a completely different experience altogether creating a visual spectacle that culminated into an awesome stage design and some killer 80’s video effects.

The openers for the band were some brooklyn kids named MGMT, which were a bit too psychedelic jam band-ish for my tastes and played far too long, and a novelty rap act named Grand Buffet which were actually very entertaining. Grand Buffet are just two guys in their 30’s who love Batman. Their speech about how they were tired of being a DIY, indie band and wanted to start selling out was hilarious. The guys owned the stage also and had a song named “Oh my god, you’re weird” and another one about saving up money to buy cream cheese.

Then came Of Montreal onto the very tall, multi-tiered, light-up stage (that even featured Billie Jean style, step-sensitive lights on the bridge across the top). While the feast for or eyes was going on, Kevin was in a very lively mood jumping from stage level to stage level and occasionally chatting about the upcoming album (which will be out next October). The new songs the band played were all spectacular, the highlight being “Our Last Summer Of Independence”. The song was extremely catchy, had lyrics about throwing rocks at mountain goats, and had a sweet surf rock guitar solo at the end.

The rest of the setlist was very good for the most part, I’m sure some hardcore fans were let down by the fact that they didn’t play anything pre-Satanic Panic and I still haven’t seen “A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger” (do they play that live?), but the biggest gap was the lack of covers, especially since they played three last time they were here. Forgiving that, it was good to see “So Begins Our Alabee” which opened the night and the Hissing Fauna songs I hadn’t heard live yet. The older favorites, “Lysergic Bliss”, “Rapture Rapes The Muses”, and “Disconnect The Dots”, were all there (most being played at the beginning of the set) and the band played even more Sunlandic songs than they did from Hissing Fauna.

“Oslo in the Summertime” was especially fun as Kevin changed into a golden chain mask for the song and utilized all of the stage (see above picture). The camera feed, which was displayed on three video screens, was really well done using the Arcade Fire method of extreme angles and crazy filters (although these ones were more colorful/psychedelic). The band ended with new track, “Softcore” and perhaps the band’s most catchy song “Requiem for OMM2”. I’d still say the Pitchfork Fest performance is my favorite, but I’d rank this right under it.

MP3 Of Montreal – So Begins Our Alabee
MP3 Of Montreal – Requiem for OMM2 (acoustic, Daytrotter Session)

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4 Responses to “Of Montreal / MTMG / Grand Buffet – Live @ Canopy Club”

  1. Jane said:

    I was really excited about finding an acoustic version of “Requiem for OMM2” but then it didn’t work. Could you repost it?

  2. Taylor said:

    pretty sure you can still get it at daytrotter, where it was recorded.

  3. Mike LIttle said:


  4. Mike LIttle said:

    but tooooooo band they’re such a bad band. i mean honestly. what kind of crackheadblackfolkcracksmoke jazzbo would ever want to listen to something of this sort. it makes me sick to my balls.