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Newsflashes (Sufjan, Album Leaks, Matt McConaughey, more)

Date April 24, 2009

Sufjan Stevens released a old demo track that was inspired by Sofia Coppola on his blog, and explains a bit of his songwriting process.  If you’re a Sufjan fan (or borderline obsessive, like me) it’s pretty much required reading / listening.  The track is not half bad, it’s very simple and quaint, just him and a banjo.  The melody is quite nice; it wouldn’t sound out of place at all on one of his Christmas EPs. Could a new album be in the near future? Please be so.

MP3 Sufjan Stevens – Sofia’s Song


For those of you dirty pirate types, there’s a lot to celebrate. Stuart Murdoch’s solo project, God Help The Girl leaked as did the first of two Patrick Wolf albums to be released this year, The Bachelor, and the Iron & Wine compilation, Around The Well. I, happily, have a lot of listening to do this weekend.

I’ve listened to God Help the Girl a bit and it’s quite amazing how well Stuart captured the 60’s folk/pop feel with these songs. The jury’s still out though on how much lasting appeal this album will have. Elsewhere, Connor at i guess i’m floating is all over the new Patrick Wolf grab “Hard Times” and read some of his initial thoughts here.

MP3 God Help The Girl – Come Monday Night


Cracked.com is really on a roll lately, they’ve really perfected the art of list-based, photoshop-enhanced humor.  Here’s one of my recent favorites: Matthew McConaughey’s Next 10 Movie Posters. It’s funny because it’s oh, so true.

Example: Pro Boxer Ed James thought he was ready to fight Vampire Jones, but wasn’t ready for… was falling in love. Matthew McConaughey in Down for the Count.


I find the whole Flaming Lips controversy over “Do You Realize??” being named Oklahoma’s official rock song pretty hilarious. Reading the blog comments of the curmodgeony Oklahoman’s who haven’t heard of / can’t stand for The Flaming Lips’ antics are pretty great.  Here’s an interesting news story on the matter from newsok.com, scroll down for the comment wars.

MP3 Flaming Lips – Do You Realize??


Obligatory 30 Rock reference: “Blue writing on green … why?!?”


If you haven’t been checking out my other writing gig at mtvu.com then you should! Yes, I have to dumb some stuff down for the mass MTV audience, but I also feel pretty proud of some of these articles I’ve written.  Here’s links to my most recent writings:

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2 Responses to “Newsflashes (Sufjan, Album Leaks, Matt McConaughey, more)”

  1. butter team said:

    damn bro new Sufjan and Stuart Murdoch in the same post?

  2. jen said:

    For Sufjan fans, I have to say we’ve been waiting a really long time for new, original material.

    After the back to back brilliance of Come on Feel the Illinoise and Greetings to Michigan, and the suggestion that he was writing/recording an album for each state, I am wondering when he is going to release a new album, and if it will follow the ‘states’ theme.

    nice blog btw!