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New Animal

Date February 25, 2011

With New Animal‘s name, you may download a few tracks thinking you’re getting some new Anco tunes from a guy who forgot to type the word “Collective”. If that happens though, I’m quite sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. This psych-pop duo from Atlanta, GA  released their self-titled album in January this year and have been steadily gaining followers ever since (a quick hop on their elbo.ws page shows how these guys very quickly went from complete unknowns to blog favorites). Their success can only be attributed to gorgeous, well-crafted tunes like “Last Winter” and “Other Side”.

The duo are able to create these beautiful, lush soundscapes by slowly building layers of of electronic and acoustic elements, whether it be slightly distorted guitars, rhythmic hand claps, atmospheric synth drones, or their own warm, echo-y vocals. For me, it doesn’t get much better then “Last Winter”, an ethereal song drenched in hazy pop splendor. As inviting and mesmerizing as they come, the track lazily meanders from one breathtakingly gorgeous moment to another. “Other Side” is a more direct pop tune with an anthemic chorus and some euphoric, whooping vocal harmonies, but no less whimsical and captivating. After downloading the tunes below, make sure to visit their bandcamp and grab the full album, free of charge.

MP3 Last Winter
MP3 Other Side


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