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Music In Our Homes

Date December 16, 2009

Sufjan Stevens wrote a pretty interesting esssay a couple years back about “Friend Rock”, music made by friends, and the unusual moral conundrums that it can stir up in a music enthusiast. While he concludes that the term is non-evaluative and there is such a thing as good friend rock, the connotations remain of music that is simply tolerated to keep up good appearance. I’ve listened to enough “Friend Rock” over the years that I think I can tell the difference, and Scenic Square falls into the rare category of being really really good. Basically, I would dig this stuff even if I didn’t go to high school with these fellas.

Scenic Square’s debut album combines a variety of styles from math rock to shoegaze to post-rock and creates a dense sonic landscape of shimmering electronica. The bleeps and blops are matched with new-wave inspired percussion and Jason Robert’s breathy, hushed vocals. “I Don’t Want To Go” is the album’s most delightful and addicting track, with a glisten of beats and feedback-y guitar backing a sweetly romantic vocal hook “I may never ever be alone, but that’s ok cause I don’t want to go”. “Neon Lights” is a more restrained slow jam that features radiant bells and subtle vocal harmony. Like the rest of the album, it’s both sweet and uplifting.

MP3 I Don’t Want To Go
MP3 Neon Lights

You can download the album at the band’s website (name your own price).

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2 Responses to “Music In Our Homes”

  1. EJ said:

    Always have been a huge fan of Jason, since I heard him working with Jeff Alvarez in The Wuffs.

    I’ll be picking this up the moment I can get 15 dollars to throw down via the “name your price” feature on bandcamp.

    Hearing a new rendition of Diagram has been a real treat, it’s been years since the first time I heard it.

  2. Jonathan said:

    Essay isn’t showing up…