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MP3: Sophia Knapp – Close To Me

Date February 13, 2012

I discovered this delightful disco-pop track on Gorilla vs. Bear a couple days back and immediately fell in love. “Close To Me” is the first single from Sophia Knapp‘s debut album, Into The Waves which will be released later this month on Drag City. The track begins with some folksy acoustic guitar, but that proves to be a bait-and-switch for what follows, an infectious mix of effervescent beats, sparkling keyboards and nimble bass-lines with Sophia’s intoxicating vocals binding it all together. If you yearn for the late 70’s-era coked-out disco days where Donna Summer and Debbie Harry reigned supreme on the dancefloor, you’ll definitely want to give this a listen.

MP3 Sophia Knapp – Close To Me

Pre-order Into The Waves at Drag City.


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