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MP3: Digits – Lost Dream

Date February 11, 2011

The first time I listened to “Lost Dream” by Digits I liked it. The second time I listened to it, I really liked it. By the third time, I couldn’t wait to hear it a fourth. Upon doing some research I was surprised to discover that minimalistic synth-pop band, Digits was actually just one guy from Toronto by the name of Alt Altman, which is all the more impressive. What makes “Lost Dream” so endlessly appealing is Altman’s unconventional approach to pop music. The multiple layers of percussion, bass guitar and various synthesizers weaving in and out throughout the track make the altering pace of the song all the more interesting, while avoiding crossing the line into self-indulgence. The ridiculously catchy tempo, combined with Digit’s glossy and echo-like voice, truly establishes a Geographer meets Cut Copy techno-feel.

MP3 Digits – Lost Dream

Digits’ website has more tracks.


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