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MP3: Braids – Lemonade

Date November 12, 2010

“Lemonade” by Canadian quartet Braids has been on constant rotation for some time for me, but for whatever reason I never fully fleshed out my affection for the track. The recent annoucement that the band’s debut album, Native Speaker will drop on January 18th via Kanine Records is good enough reason than any to post this exceptional dream-pop single.

The song begins with rippling electronica, soon joined by Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s pristine, mesmerizing vocals. After four and a half minutes of swirling keyboard surges, layers of vocal harmony, and a tantalizing choral hook, there’s a beautiful moment when Raphaelle repeats “all we want to do is love” over a burst of synths and fluttering vocals. It’s one of the most spellbinding 30 seconds of music this year, and it takes the rest of┬áthe┬átrack’s duration to come down from that breathtaking high.

MP3 Braids – Lemonade


One Response to “MP3: Braids – Lemonade”

  1. chris said:

    didn’t know it had a release date – very much looking forward to hearing it!