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Kimya Dawson

Date April 20, 2006

Kimya Dawson was a member of the anti-folk group, The Moldy Peaches, when she started her solo career in 2004. I learned about her through the Yank Sizzler / Contrast Podcast. The song I heard that introduced me to her was “You Will Be Me?”, which immediately caught my attention. She is a very talented songwriter with a lovely voice strong beliefs about government and aid. The song 12-26 is a heartbreaking song about 2004’s Tsunami. Underground is the lead single off her new album and is about her desire to have her ashes spread over Puget Sound.

MP3 12-26
MP3 Underground
MP3 You Will Be Me? – Live (sorry about the quality)

If someone has a better quality version of the above song, email me because I’d like one. Kimya has a new CD called Remember I Love You coming out in May. Read about it.

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  1. Mike Slagor said:

    dude –

    “Jorge Regula” by the Moldy Peaches……That song takes me back!