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From the Chaff: Woozy Viper, Midas Fall, Harlan T. Bobo

Date April 9, 2010

From the Chaff (in reference to this idiom) is a semi-regular series where we post things that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Whether it’s singles, EPs or just MP3s that we like, it’s a place for us to collect the things we’ve heard lately but haven’t had a chance to write about yet.

MP3 Woozy Viper – Look Out!

Woozy Viper play a no-budget, no-frills version of rock & roll, the kind you find in legion halls all across the country. Maybe that’s why I love “Look Out!” so much, it reminds me of those bands I would see every weekend playing music just like this simply because it’s fun. The drums sound like they were recorded in the next room and the vocals are mixed too high, but a perfect recording was never the point of this kind of music. The wiry guitar, handclaps, and ghostly backing vocals turn the song into some macabre beach party, complete with references to graveyards and coyotes. You can grab Woozy Viper’s album over at their website for free, so you should go do that. – Matt

MP3 Midas Fall – Moviescenes

I listened to countless numbers of artists from my inbox over the week in a mostly-futile spring cleaning effort, but one band that stood out to me immediately was Edinburgh-based Midas Fall. The moody guitar-driven soundscapes and purposeful drumming of the Scottish post-rockers set the stage for vocalist Elizabeth Heaton’s ghostly croons which are reminscent of both Portishead’s Beth Gibbons and Bat for Lashes’ Natasha Khan. “Moviescenes” is the album-opener and it’s is a great showcase for the band’s glistening, layered guitars (the band has 3 guitarists) which play on post-rock’s loud-soft dynamics as well as Heaton’s captivating, provocative vocals. It’s an enthralling song and one that shows great potential for the young band. – Taylor

MP3 Harlan T. Bobo  – Mile. Chatte

Harlan T. Bobo‘s music is hard to put your finger on, not because it’s complex or inaccessible (in fact it’s quite the opposite), but because it represents so many genres and musical styles. I’ve been listening to his new album, Sucker, which parades from garage rock to twangy folk to guitar pop. The Memphis singer/songwriter has all the bases covered on this mostly light-hearted album. “Mile. Chatte” is a charming first single from the album featuring simplistic acoustic guitar and lines call-and-response vocals sang in both English and French. There’s something about the effortless harmonies and playful euphemisms of the song though that make it a true delight. – Taylor

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One Response to “From the Chaff: Woozy Viper, Midas Fall, Harlan T. Bobo”

  1. pepps said:

    I love the Harlan T Bobo track! Excellent pickings!