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From the Chaff: Luna Is Honey, COOLRUNNINGS, Roman Ruins, Flight

Date September 10, 2010

From the Chaff (in reference to this idiom) is a semi-regular series where we post things that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Whether it’s singles, EPs or just MP3s that we like, it’s a place for us to collect the things we’ve heard lately but haven’t had a chance to write about yet.

Luna Is Honey – Claws
“Claws” is one of those jams that doesn’t seem to do much at first, but then you realize it’s been on repeat for 10 minutes and you didn’t notice or care. The near-motorik beat and those phased guitars just fit so perfectly together that I could listen to it all day. And once it hits you, that climax at the end is really something. It almost sounds like scene music from some lost John Hughes movie. The band’s newest release, Copy Cats, is full of similar tunes and includes a boss cover of “I Would Die 4 U”. You can grab it for free over at the band’s MySpace.

“I Am You” is a synth-dream-pop gem with just the right amount of fuzziness around the edges. I don’t even care that I can’t make out the hazy vocals most of the time, the whole thing just sounds great, especially when that stuttering beat shows up here and there. COOLRUNNINGS evoke a sense of nostalgia on “I Am You”, but they don’t depend on that feeling to do all the work. Their warped pop sensibilities make sure of things stay interesting. COOLRUNNINGS have a bunch of EPs up over at their bandcamp.

Roman Ruins – The Comedown
Roman Ruins is the project of Beach House’s touring drummer Graham Hill, but don’t expect that tidbit to tell you much about his music. “The Comedown” starts off with enough pads and arpeggios to give it a semi-prog feel, before collapsing completely and starting again at a slower speed. Hill gives the song plenty of breathing room, and when everything comes together again, it gives the track an ending that feels totally natural. Hill has a 7” as Roman Ruins out on Gold Robot Records.

Flight – Turns to Blood
You might want to turn your speakers down for this one. “Turns to Blood” is the kind of primordial skronk that oozes out of and warps your speakers. Everything bleeds into everything else, creating a distorted mess that still somehow works. Maybe it’s because there’s a pretty great melody running through the song, emerging now and again to keep things moving. Not that it sound like Flight were in any danger of stopping. Flight’s Lead Riders EP can be had later this month from Zoo Music.

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