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Falling Slowly: 19 Love Songs (Our Wedding Mix)

Date July 19, 2008

Wedding CD Print

The day is finally here.  In a few hours I’m going to be a married man and this is the mix that we are giving out as CD favors (along with a few random musings that I included in a booklet) to the guests.   I want to thank all my readers for the kind words over the years about me and Celeste, and for reading what I have to say here.  I’m going to be gone for a week, honeymooning, but I hope you enjoy this mix while I’m away. Huzzah!

1. Sleeping At Last – Umbrellas
This is “our song”.  I proposed to Celeste at a Sleeping At Last concert while this song was playing, after a special dedication from the band.  We also shared our first dance to “Umbrellas”.

2. Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla
“Hoppipolla” (which is Icelandic for “Jumping Into Puddles”) is the song that played during the recessional and is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

3. Iron & Wine – Love and Some Verses
Iron & Wine is Celeste’s favorite band and this is one of their prettiest love songs.  Sean and Whitney gave a lovely performance of this song at our ceremony.

4. The Frames – Falling Slowly
This beautiful track is the theme to the film Once, it won best original song last year at the Oscars and is one of our favorite love songs.

5. The The – This Is The Day
This is an awesome wedding song and who doesn’t love accordian solos?

6. Nada Surf – Always Love
We both love the lyrics to this infectious song: “Always love , Hate will get you everytime”.   Not bad advice, right?

7. Feist – Mushaboom
Feist is most famous for her “1234 “ iPod commercial, but this song is her best.  The lyrics are about starting your life together and not having much other than love.  Sounds like us!

8. U2 – Unchained Melody
This is U2’s enchanting version of the classic Righteous Brothers’ love song.

9. Barry Louis Polisar- All I Want
A cutesy folk tune with some clever love metaphors and a zippy harmonica solo.

10. Sufjan Stevens – Dress Looks Nice On You
Sufjan Stevens is my favorite singer/songwriter (take note, music appreciators) and I love just about everything he’s done.  This gorgeous acoustic piece is no exception.

11. Stars – Ageless Beauty (The Most Serene Republic Mix)
This is the acoustic version of one of my all-time favorite songs.  Brings a huge smile to my face every time I hear it.

12. Bob Dylan – I Want You
This is probably Dylan’s most accessible, irony-free track, and it’s one of his best.

13. Islands – Jogging Gorgeous Summer
This mix needed a bit more tropical flair.  I love the lyric “Millions of sunsets but the one I remember, the one where you told me you’d love me forever”.

14. Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life
This is a folky love song that deserves the title of modern classic.  It’s a heart-tugging, extremely honest track and the melody is lovely.

15. R.E.M. – At My Most Beautiful
One of my favorite ballads.  This song is just completely heartwarming.

15. Headlights – Cherry Tulips
Headlights is an awesome band from Champaign, IL. This gushing love song was just released this year and it’s already one of my favorite indie pop songs.

17. Belle & Sebastian – Funny Little Frog
One of my personal favorite bands, I could pick a dozen tracks from Scotland’s Belle & Sebastian to add to this list. This is such a easygoing, irresistable love song.  What other band can rhyme court with throat so convincingly?

17. Wilco – On and On and On
Wilco is another wonderful band that is very meaningful to me personally. “On and On and On” is their ode to marriage.  The end of this song is simply magnificent.

19. U2 – Can’t Help Falling In Love
U2 closed all their shows on their Zoo TV tour with this passionate, gorgeous cover.  I get chills every time I hear Bono hit that falsetto.  It’s the perfect song to end our mix.

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31 Responses to “Falling Slowly: 19 Love Songs (Our Wedding Mix)”

  1. KA said:

    The two of you and your mix give an old married girl the chills – in a good way. Congratulations!

  2. aldo said:

    Congrats. I’ve always told everyone Mushaboom was Feist’s best song but (and an awesome song in general), but no one believes me!

  3. Indie Boy said:

    I look forward to listening to another one of your fantastic mixes.

  4. Heather said:

    Congrats on the wedding, and thanks for spreading some of the goodness to us! I love that R.E.M. track. Enjoy your honeymoon… blessings to you and Celeste now and for all the years to follow! :)

  5. Zissou said:


    Just got back from the wedding. Taylor and Celeste are now in marital bliss! The wedding and reception were simply beautiful and of course, filled with the music you’ve come to know as Taylor’s favorites. If you’ve never seen Taylor dance before, he can cut quite a rug. Aside from the playing of Aerosmith’s, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” (I had to call you out on it T), it was truly a Taylor mix. Congrats Taylor and Celeste and thank you for making me a part of your day! See you at Lolla!


  6. Sallie said:

    Hi Taylor,
    Your grandmother Martha told us about your website on her way through KY to your wedding, so of course I had to check it out. You may remember visiting our farm (the Bright family farm) several years ago and bursting into song at the dinner table. I can’t remember the song we were trying to think of, some 60s era rock song, but I knew right then you were destined for great things! Love the tracks on your wedding CD. I’m way older than most of your site visitors, I’m sure (55), but I love good music and you’ve got some here!

  7. Agnes said:

    Great list!


  8. Fabian said:

    Congratulations! It sure is a beautiful mix… Thanks for sharing it 😉

  9. Adam said:

    Congratulations on the wedding and thank you for all the music!

  10. chanteuse sanders said:

    hey, can i feature these songs in my blog? promise i will credit you guys. you rock!

  11. Ming said:

    Hey dude, I just want to say Congrats, and it’s kinda nice seeing as how we followed you from the proposal to the wedding itself. Umbrellas is really lovely and both of you look nice together. Thank you for your awesome music and have a good life together :)

  12. Seth said:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful couple, and a beautiful mix. I’ve never heard this version of Mushaboom before, whose mix is it?

  13. last year's girl said:

    Congratulations! I hope it was a wonderful day – the first of many, many wonderful days.

  14. Dan said:

    Congratulations! Thank you very much for having such an incredible music blog.. you have great taste in music and I really appreciate your sharing such wonderful music with us :)

  15. Jeremy said:

    Way to go Taylor! I’ve been using your music to continue wooing my new bride. I’m just lucky she (and I) digs your good taste in tunes :)

  16. muruch said:

    Congratulations and aw!

    Ps. I agree about Mushaboom.

  17. kevin said:

    Incredible mix. Congrats!

  18. Little Miss Random said:

    Hi Taylor! I found your site about two years ago and have been regularly following it since. Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing your love of music with us!

  19. Joslyn Hansen said:

    Congrats and thanks for sharing! I always think of you and your story when I hear Umbrellas. I love wedding mixes and yours certainly looks to be the best one I’ve seen yet. (well, after my own, natch 😉

  20. melo said:


  21. Jennifer said:

    Ow wow! People are still getting married? This is such great news.

  22. margot said:

    gahh looove those iron and wine and bright eyes songs

  23. Rika said:

    great choices, by the way. :)

  24. habibur said:

    I like your site specially your post content you have written the specific truth about the Love and other thing keep posting like this my wishes with you
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  25. Jennnifer said:

    I’m totally making this mix for my fiance!

  26. Stacie said:

    Hi, I just ran across your post because I have been looking for the U2 Can’t Help Falling in Love track. I cannot find it anywhere…only the cheesy remix. Do you know where I can find it? I am getting married in a few weeks and would really like that song.


  27. Taylor said:

    The version I have up here is the ZOO TV Outside Broadcast soundboard recording and it is by far the best version available. Just click to download.

  28. Nancy said:

    Thank you so much! These are great songs for a wedding.

  29. Simon said:

    Thanks for the track listing. I’ve been looking through my own collection and had most of these too. Some great inspiration here my own wedding.

  30. robert said:

    I am a dj from Houston and about half of the brides we talk to want to stray away from the traditional songs and make their wedding uniquely their own. Most of these brides think they are alone but the truth is the uncommon is becoming the norm. Check out the list of songs real brides have asked us to play at their wedding on our website http://djrobinfo.com/Nontraditional_Wedding_Musi.html

  31. hoptiludrop said:

    Great music choice !!!