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Essex Chanel

Date July 8, 2009

Essex Channel is the creative outlet of singer/songwriter Travis Lee Wiggins, a hugely prolific artist from Chicago. Travis, who’s played in a handful of local bands in addition to solo work, recently embarked on a project where he recorded every love song he had ever written (somewhat similar to Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs).  Out of 42 songs that were recorded, Travis picked his ten favorite for the album Love Is Proximity. The result is an sublime collection of songs full of bouncy melodies and charming instrumentation.

The first track on album “Skinny Dippin'” was an immediate favorite of mine.  The dense, loose-flowing arrangement of banjo, strings, and trumpets provides a perfect backdrop for the song’s sugar-coated melodies and good-time nostalgic lyrics.  The track is reminiscent to the twee-pop of The Boy Least Likely To, while also doesn’t cut any ties with the the sunny 60’s era folk-pop like The Turtles and The Lovin’ Spoonful. The song doesn’t pretend it’s anything other than a simple pop song about love but instead revels in the fact. It all comes together to prove an irresistible piece of indie pop. You can grab the album (plus all 42 tracks from the Love Is Proximity sessions) on Sweet Goodness.

MP3 Skinny Dippin’


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