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Eli Mardock

Date January 9, 2012

Former Eagle Seagull-frontman Eli Mardock will be releasing his solo debut this year, and it’s one of my most anticipated albums of 2012. I was a big fan of Eagle Seagull’s self-titled album from 2005, which at the time, earned the band plenty of buzz and comparisons to indie-rock contemporaries like Arcade Fire & Wolf Parade. Some tracks from their follow-up album, The Year of The How-To Book hit the web in 2007, and sounded extremely promising, but the album suffered delay after delay and wasn’t made available until years later. The band quietly released a digital-only copy of the album in 2010 before parting ways, leaving Mardock free to explore a solo career.

“Everything Happens for the First Time” is the title track to Mardock’s new album and a great intro to the artist.¬†The uplifting track opens with a piano riff which sounds a bit like Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”, before adding an array of grandiose instrumentation and soaring melodies that should make Eagle Seagull fans feel right at home. ¬†Another track to check out is the dark, majestic “Theologians Tell Me”. Everything Happens… is set to release later this year. Listen to the two aforementioned tracks below and download another one at his website.

Everything Happens for the First Time by Eli Mardock

Theologians Tell Me by Eli Mardock


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5 Responses to “Eli Mardock”

  1. Dana said:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve never heard of Eli Mardock or Eagle Seagull, but now I’m really looking forward to this album based on the 2 songs you posted. :)

  2. Mike Mardock said:


  3. Pooyan said:

    this is nice stuff. thank you for sharing.

  4. Margie H. Jordan said:

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. I’m a fan and would definitely get all of his Solo’s

  5. truyen hay said:

    I love the song “Theologians Tell Me”. It sounds good for me.