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Cut Copy @ Coachella (4/15)

Date April 25, 2011

(Photo Credit: Vans66)

Cut Copy without a doubt had one of the greatest, most energetic audiences of the entire weekend. Throughout the show the crowd never stopped dancing and clapping along with the rhythm, making it impossible to leave. During the largely instrumental and sped-up version of, “Saturdays” my friend leaned over and exclaimed, “They’re very 80s aren’t they?” no doubt due to the simple beats and dial-tone-like sound effects. However despite the song’s simplicity, when the band shouted to the crowd, “I want everybody in the audience to let loose, and by let loose I mean jumping and going crazy,” the crowd listened.

The bands absolutely stunning performance of “Lights and Music” undoubtedly turned anyone who was unfamiliar with the band (like my friend) into devout fans. Coinciding with its namesake, the performance had outstandingly stellar lights, especially following the suspenseful crescendo into the chorus.  By the end of the song, the singing of the crowd almost overpowered the music, with the audience ferociously jumping up and down at an even more accelerated rate than they had been throughout the entire show. Cut Copy’s performance had such an unforgettable atmosphere that now every time I hear “Lights and Music” it transports me back to the Mojave tent, putting them close to the top of my list of shows I must see again.

MP3 Lights and Music

(Photo Credit: Vans66)

See more pictures from Coachella at the musicforants.com flickr page (courtesy of Morgan Miller / Eric Snyder)

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3 Responses to “Cut Copy @ Coachella (4/15)”

  1. Suskie said:

    I saw them in Philly late last month and was blown away. The setlist didn’t have any weak spots, and they have such a talent for working the crowd. I agree that Lights and Music is the big game-changer, especially with Tim Hoey raising his arms to the sky right before the first chorus. It’s their way of saying, “Okay, you’ve had warm-up time, now YOU WILL DANCE.”

    I was overjoyed that we got Feel the Love, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun Corner of the Sky was live. They’re coming to Baltimore this summer and I’m considering seeing them again. It’s the first time I’ve debated seeing a band twice within such a short period of time.

  2. Samir said:

    I totally feel the same way, whenever I hear “Lights & Music” , “Take me over” I’m taken back to that magical night… Dig the Tom Havvorford quote in the title too!

  3. Manny said:

    I completely agree. One of my highlights from Coachella.