Cool Bunk Beds for Kids!

At first thought, you may not consider that bunk beds are particularly “cool” things to have. Kids can often be reluctant to share their room, and will often argue over who gets to have the top bunk. What you may not have thought about, however, is that cool bunk beds for kids are available in a wide range of designs, which your kids will become instant fans of. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few design options that can make the kid’s bedroom a hit.

One particularly cool bunk bed design is to have the beds in a “criss-cross” pattern, rather than being parallel to each other. This unique design ensures kids have cool bunk beds that are perfect for them. You can use the space at either side of the bottom bed for storage, drawers or the computer or TV.

Another interesting design possibility is to have wooden frames, painted in suitable colors. These colors can be bright and kid-friendly, and match the overall design of the room or house. This is far superior to beds with a metal, “skeleton” structure. While cheaper, these beds don’t look as good, and aren’t as inviting to sleep on. These are truly cool bunk beds for kids!

If you’re only looking for a bed for one child, a bunk bed may still be a nice idea. Except, instead of having two beds, replace the bottom bunk with a desk, or small living space. It will give the child the feeling of having a nice cubby house, where they’re able to read or study. They’ll be more productive, and be thankful for it!

Remember that if you’re getting bunk beds for your children, make sure that they will like them by getting cool bunk beds for kids!