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Commercial Watch: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Anathallo, YACHT + more

Date June 4, 2010

It’s time for another edition of Commercial Watch, where I highlight the songs that play during those annoying parts that you never watch in between LOST and The Daily Show. Click the links to watch the commercials / download the MP3s.

Apple: What is iPad?

The first iPad commercial was soundtracked by Danish indie rock band The Blue Van, this one by another slightly more well-known indie rockers, Yeah Yeahs Yeahs. If you thought Apple was going to stop using indie music now that it’s surpassed Microsoft as the #1 tech company, no dice.

MP3 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion


2010 Cadillac SRX Crossover

Last year’s most valuable commercial featuring an indie song was the 2009 Cadillac SRX Crossover ad which made a huge hit out of the Phoenix song “1901” (which tied for my #1 song of ’09). This year’s model’s commercial features another fab song by Portland electronic duo YACHT.

MP3 YACHT – Psychic City (Rory Phillips Remix)


American Express: Members Project

Unfortunately I recently read that Anathallo have decided to go on permanent hiatus, which means it’ll probably be a while if ever before we hear another album from the band. Still it’s nice to see that one of my favorite of their songs, “Dokkoise House” made it onto this AT&T commercial.

MP3 Anathallo – Dokkoise House (With Face Covered)


2010 Jaguar XF

Not much to say about this one. It’s a typical car commercial soundtracked by everyone’s favorite tap-dancing indie pop crew, Omaha’s Tilly and the Wall.

MP3 Tilly and the Wall – Pot Kettle Black


AT&T: Rethink Possible

Nick Drake, the English folk singer who died tragically in 1974, famously had “Pink Moon” used in this wonderful VW commercial from 2000 which has been called by some the best commercial of the decade. “From the Morning” is another track from the singer’s legendary Pink Moon album this time played in the background of AT&T’s newest commercial.

MP3 Nick Drake – From the Morning


2010 Kia Soul – Hamsters

This ad is interesting because it actually has six versions with six different songs. The one I’m highlighting here features Scottish electropop wiz Calvin Harris, but search youtube for versions with MSTRKRFT, Goldfish, and Rick Atsley.

MP3 Calvin Harris – Colours


Target: Pink Pepto

This commercial is a bit of an older one, but it’s a pretty good use of the track and you have to give Target props for using an artist with a F-bomb in their name. Suck it Walmart!

MP3 Starfucker – Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second


2011 Ford Mustang

This is very eye-catching car commercial for Ford’s new (and I must admit, pretty sweet looking) Mustang. British garage rockers Band of Skulls set a great tone for the ad with a heavy bluesy guitar riff.

MP3 Band of Skulls – Light of the Morning


Let me know if there’s any other good commercials out there I’m missing.

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18 Responses to “Commercial Watch: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Anathallo, YACHT + more”

  1. useless said:

    YACHT is not a british band….

  2. Taylor said:

    Ah yes, that would be Yachts. Damn wikipedia.

  3. Sara said:

    Heard last night, for the first time, a Cadillac commercial with a Say Hi To Your Mom (I refuse to just call them “Say H!”) song. One off their new album . . . my iPod is dead, otherwise I’d give you the name of the song.

  4. amy said:

    Sara, the name of the song is One, Two … One. That’s a good one.

  5. Emmy said:

    “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is used on a Ford commercial. I was not happy about it.

  6. Heather said:

    Oh man. I figured Anathallo had called it quits because they’d been quiet so long, but I hadn’t seen that post by Bret. Having it officially confirmed is a bit rough. :( They were/are my favorite band…

  7. Rou said:


    Sia covers Under The Milky Way (originally by The Church), recorded especially for this Lincoln car commercial.

  8. Taylor said:

    I covered the Lincoln commercial with Sia here: http://musicforants.com/blog/?p=3592

  9. downtroddenindc said:

    The Starfucker commercial cracks me up everytime it comes on TV. I agree, total props to Target for having the balls to put such a huge commercial on with a band named ‘Starfucker’. I wonder what people think when they search for “that song playing in pink pepto” and it comes up with ‘Starfucker’… Lol, just too great!

    Additionally YACHT is from portland or somewhere in the PNW. He’s from the duo ‘The Blow’ with his fuckbuddy, oh, whats her name. Well, who cares he was obviously all the creatively/talent that group had since I can’t even remember her name… (I looked it up, her name is Mikhaela Yvonne Maricich, so point proven.)

  10. Ger said:

    I always wonder what songs commercials use. But it me or do songs sound different when they are in a commercial rather than just listening to the song itself?

  11. auditor said:

    some really awesome tv moments here

  12. downtroddenindc said:

    @ Ger – Agreed, I think a lot of the companies have remixes or edits done, it’s probably part of how they lease the rights. I think that is supported by looking at the list above, a lot of them are covers, edits or mixes and not the original song.

    It makes sense as an artist, to keep your originals out of commercials. but still getting your sound out there. Although, one example to the contrary is Aqueduct (a band). He had a lot of his original songs in Cadillac commercials and such. And they were his big songs, too.

  13. Taylor said:

    Good call, Ger / downtrodd. A good example is The xx’s “intro” which was sped up quite a bit for that Apollo Ohno AT&T commercial that ran during the Winter Olympics. The Nick Drake song above also was edited slightly to fit with the commercial. Plus I think the version of Gold Lion in the iPad commercial is a remix.

  14. Ej said:

    Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Wher and when did they announce they were taking a break?

  15. Taylor said:

    Late last year at Matt’s wedding apparantly. There’s a link in the post to Brett’s blog about it. Unfortunately it sounds more like a break-up then a break. RIP Anathallo.

  16. Andrea said:

    Yes! I discovered Nick Drake through that AT&T commercial : ) They usually pick good music.

  17. Mowkie said:

    In the commercial for the C4 Picasso there’s the song Hey There Delilah of Plain White T’s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrDJrkoBl6M :)

  18. verylate said:

    I love how emmy mistakes janglin for home. If you’re going to take the indie kid route you might as well get your shit right.