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Commercial Watch: The xx, Grizzly Bear, Lou Reed + more

Date February 24, 2010

With the Olympics and the Super Bowl it’s been an ad frenzy the last couple of months, so it seems like the perfect time for another Commercial Watch. For those unaware, every once in a while I showcase a few of my favorite songs on commercials that you’re probably skipping over with your fancy Tivo / DVR machines. Click the links to watch the commercials (when available) and download the MP3s.

AT&T: Apollo Ohno

This is a visually a very cool ad and The xx’s sparse, resonating guitars that open their self-titled album are a great fit. I’d take Apollo Ohno and The xx over an out-of-shape Luke Wilson any day.

MP3 The xx – Intro


Volkswagen: Punch Dub

This was one of my favorite commercials that premiered at the Super Bowl this year, a take on the classic “punch buggy” game with Grizzly Bear’s sunshiney pop masterpiece soundtracking the spot. Gotta love that Stevie Wonder / Tracy Morgan cameo at the end.

MP3 Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks


Apple iPhone: Hold Us

The Boy Least Likely To’s “Be Gentle With Me” was featured in a Coca-Cola Recycling ad last year, and the twee poppers have another song on this Apple ad showing off iPhone’s multi-tasking features that premiered just this week. Apple has shown time and time again that they love their indie pop (Feist, Chairlift, The Submarines), so this is no surprise.

MP3 The Boy Least Likely To – Stringing Up Conkers


NFL.com: Always Football

Arcade Fire turned a lot of heads when they licensed their anthemic epic, “Wake Up” to the NFL with all proceeds going to Haiti relief, especially since last time their music showed up in the Super Bowl they weren’t too pleased. I think it worked out well for them, the commercials were well done (and appeared often throughout the night) and got so much buzz for the band that “Arcade Fire” was at one point a Twitter trending topic during the game.

MP3 Arcade Fire – Wake Up


AT&T: Gretchen Bleiler

Here’s another of AT&T’s Olympic ads that shows snowboarder Gretchen Bleider half-piping in outer space. Again it’s very visually striking and although the song is likely about heroin (note it’s usage in the film Trainspotting) it’s matches the tone of the ad perfectly.

MP3 Lou Reed – Perfect Day


Pringles: Multigrain

I haven’t been able to find the commercial online for this, but from my recollection the commercial featured a bunch of teenagers running around in a wheat field, chowing down on some multigrain Pringles with The Cloud Room’s 2006 blog smash “Hey Now Now” playing in the background.  If you have any luck finding this spot online, please send link!

MP3 The Cloud Room – Hey Now Now


Coca-Cola: Olympic Medal Ceremony

This commercial, I believe, was first shown at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Coca-Cola liked it so much they’re showing it again. The music is “Breathe Me” by Sia, which was most famously used on the Six Feet Under finale and just about every inspirational montage video on Youtube.

MP3 Sia – Breathe Me


Let me know if there’s any other good commercials out there I’m missing.

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7 Responses to “Commercial Watch: The xx, Grizzly Bear, Lou Reed + more”

  1. Steve said:

    Is it just me or is The xx’s “Intro” sped up in that AT&T commercial?

  2. Taylor said:

    Yeah, it definitely sounds sped up.

  3. Linds said:

    yay! I love the commercial round-ups. also seriously. Luke Wilson, get a trainer.

  4. Mushi said:

    And, with the mention of the Super Bowl, let us not forget everybody’s favorite classic sellout — CSI:Everywhere theme show — band, The Who (http://rockislandlife.blogspot.com/2006/07/substitute-your-hip-for-greed.html)

  5. Travis said:

    The “Hey Now Now” Pringles commercial is all over A&E’s “Hoarders.”

  6. Shakira said:

    I love the commercial round-ups. also seriously. Luke Wilson, get a trainer.

  7. Kolby said:

    I just heard Cloud Cult’s Everybody Here Is a Cloud on the show Hoarders. That’s a weird one.