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Cold War Kids @ Coachella (4/15)

Date April 20, 2011

Cold War Kids at Coachella
(Photo credit: Chrissy Mauck)

Cold War Kids have had a special place I my heart for quite a few years now, and I was overjoyed to see them on this years lineup. Although I had planned to see each band for no more than 30 minutes in order to see as many shows as possible, I allotted myself an entire hour in order to see Cold War Kids in their entirety, and I don’t regret it one bit.

The band opened with Mexican Dogs, a little bit of a surprising choice, but I suppose they wanted to build up to their best. The band had the perfect set time at the Outdoor stage right as the sun was beginning to set, allowing to audience to focus entirely on the music instead of trying to keep themselves cool under the sweltering rays. The three songs that stuck out to me were “Audience,” “Hospital Beds,” and “I’ve Seen Enough,” all of which were filled with an enormous amount of soul. Lead singer Nathan Willett then told the crowd, “This is our second time here, and we played this song last year and it seemed to go over pretty well,” as the band led into “Hang Me Up To Dry,” causing the audience to go wild.

Cold War Kids at Coachella
(Photo credit: Chrissy Mauck)

During the performance the band played two new songs, one called “Bulldozer,” that was pleasurable to listen to, but nothing amazing. The biggest surprise of the show was the bands decision to play a set sans “Santa Ana Winds,” which undoubtedly would have sent the largely Southern-Californian crowd into a frenzy. Ending with the classic “Saint John,” the entire show maintained the sense of purity that hooks most Cold War Kid fans who appreciate a break from the “Hollywood glam” seen with so much music today. The bands performance seemed as second nature to them as breathing. Overall and unsurprisingly, Cold War Kids managed to steal my vote for best performance of the day.

MP3 Hang Me Out To Dry

Cold War Kids at Coachella
(Photo credit: Chrissy Mauck)

See more pictures from Coachella at our flickr page (courtesy of Morgan Miller / Eric Snyder)

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2 Responses to “Cold War Kids @ Coachella (4/15)”

  1. jeff said:

    “Bulldozer” is from their release earlier this year, “Mine is Yours.” Just made it seem like you hadn’t heard it yet. It’s a good release, just a little more “mainstream” than older CWK. My apologies if you know about it.

  2. wayne martin said:

    Q&A with Cold War Kids .. enjoy http://bit.ly/nLobpS