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Cloud Nothings @ Pitchfork Music Festival (6/14)

Date July 23, 2012

Cloud Nothings‘ ferocious performance kicked off Saturday at Pitchfork Festival in the most awesome way ever. Focusing solely on tracks from their amazing 2012 release, Attack on Memory, Dylan Baldi and co. tore through tracks like “Stay Useless”, “Fall In” and “Separation”.

Nothing compared though, to their epic 15-minute version of “Wasted Days”, which was played such an absolute swirling fury that the heavy downpour of rain that started mid-song seemed inevitable, as if the skies had been cracked open by the power of punk rock. With wind blowing the rain directly onto the band drenching the stage, the house speakers were cut off and sound techs urged the band to stop. Yet even in the face of electrocution, the band played on with the crowd helping to amplify the climatic phrase “I thought I would be more than this!” over and over. Cloud Nothings – 1 Torrential Rain Downpour – 0.

MP3 Wasted Days

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