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Cloud Cult – Live @ Schubas

Date May 6, 2008

I finally was able to see Cloud Cult last week and just as I expected, it was spectacular.  The band sounds great on record, but coupled with the amazing visual feast that they presented on stage, they are out of this world.  The Forms opened the night and they played a set of guitar-oriented indie rock.  The band didn’t have the most original sound, but they on a pretty good show, the last song was particularly fun, and they threw in a cover of Nirvana’s “All Apologies” for kicks.

Cloud Cult took the stage with to the tune of Meaning of 8 album closer “Hope” while an array of lights and spectacles flashed around them.  They  shot right into their new material with the wonderful “No One Said It Would Be Easy” before playing a couple of older favorites, “Man Jumped Through The Window” and “Happy Hippo” and swooning the crowd with “Pretty Voice” and “Chain Reaction” from 8.  The live painting was a great addition to their set, and didn’t detract at all from the music.  The painters even sang back up on a few songs.

During mid-set the band played mostly new tracks from Feel Good Ghosts.  Out of them, the extraordinarily pretty “Journey of the Featherless” and rollicking “Story of the Grandson of Jesus” sounded the best.  I was extremely impressed with the musicmanship of Cloud Cult.  Whether it was violins, cellos, trombones, or xylophones they not only played it, they played the hell out of it.

The band played my two favorite songs, “Chemicals Collide” and “Take Your Medicine”, back to back.  The performances were incredibly passionate as was the crowd reaction to both songs.  The band really does command a cult following who aren’t in any way afraid to sing loudly or dance around to the music.  It definitely made for an awesome concert atmosphere.

The band closed the set with a few more new songs, namely “Everybody Here Is A Cloud”, “Tornado Lessons”, and an encore of “Love You All” (complete with a voice digitizing microphone) before leaving the stage and putting up the two completed paintings for auction.   For how much I talk about Cloud Cult this should be obvious, but I had a great night and I recommend that everyone in the world see this band’s magnificent live show.

MP3 Everybody Here Is A Cloud
MP3 Chemicals Collide

Make sure to go to Pictures For Kids Who Can’t Read Good to see the rest of my photos from the night.  I snapped some really good ones!

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2 Responses to “Cloud Cult – Live @ Schubas”

  1. Mark D said:

    Lucky… I just found out about these guys, apparently I’ve been living under a rock for my whole life. Their sound is amazing and if their live show is anything like feel good ghosts, then I’m in. I gotta get a hold of the rest of their albums soon.

  2. Brandon S. said:

    Cloud Cult Rules. Especially the track, “The Ghost Inside Our House”. If only Neutral Milk Hotel still played, for they could have toured with Cloud Cult. I would see Cloud Cult, Beirut, Animal Collective, and Neutral Milk Hotel doing a great set together. Then in the end they all come out together. haha. ah. what its like to dream.